Wismec Active & Amor NSE Review – Vape & Music Anyone? — (I killed it! )

(A quick note, if you skip some of this review, just make sure you read the bonus content at the bottom!)

Massive thanks to our sponsor Vapesourcing.com for sending me out the Wismec Active mod and Amor NSE tank to take a little look at.

The Wismec Active is supposedly a rugged little soldier, shock proof, waterproof, and Bluetooth enabled. Why Bluetooth enabled?…. So you can play your music through it of course! 

Why would anyone want to play music through their mod? I have no idea… Seems a little bit gimmicky to me, maybe aimed at the younger vaping generation (18+ of course)    The picture on the packaging shows someone abseiling down the side of the box… Hmmm classic! 

Wismec Active Specs:

Size: 55.6mm*26.6mm*142mm
E-liquid capacity: 4.5ml
Output wattage: 1-80W
Output mode: VW/Bypass/TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR mode
Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes, 0.05-3.5ohm for VW mode
Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F (TC modes)
Maximum Charging Current: 2A
Maximum Output Current: 50A
Output Voltage Range: 0.5-9V
Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector

In The Box

Wismec Active Kit comes with
1 * Amor NS Plus Tank
1 * Connector
1 * Mouthpiece
2 * User Manual
1 * Warning Card
Spare Parts

Wismec Active Mod Features:

1.Built-in 2100mAh battery with 80W max output, supporting VW, TC, TCR and Bypass Modes
2. 0.91inch OLED screen shows essential information
3. 100% Waterproof, Vaping at Ease
4. Shockproof yet Shatter-resistant, First-class Quality
5. Compact yet Portable, A Must-have for Vapers on the Go
6. Colorful Silicone Case, Each one is Unique
7. Multiple Circuit Protection Systems Applied

Initial  Thoughts On The Wismec Active Kit

I received a sample kit from Vapesoursing so my mod and tank came boxed separately, but together in one sleeve. I believe that the kits comes all in one box.

So the mod itself isn’t the prettiest mod ever made! But it’s purpose isn’t to look good, it’s to be durable and knock proof. The 2 main sides have a weird holey design on them, I don’t even know how to describe it!, and in one of these sides is the speaker. Around the edges on one side you have the vape control buttons, and on the other are the music control buttons. On the top you have the springy 510 pin, that will take tanks up to around 26mm (at a guess) and next to the 510 you have a small (plastic) section that the hook snaps on to, so you can attach the mod to your belt, bag or have it dangling from your earring if the desire takes you! 😀

The mod itself its enclosed around the outer edges by a removable protective silicone case (rather like a bumper for a mobile phone) and it’s this silicone case that is supposed to make the make the mod 100% waterproof! Personally… I wouldn’t trust it, the video I watched states that the silicone cover must have the charging port section totally closed to make it waterproof, and they do submerge the mod in water while the music is playing and when they lift it out the speaker is pumping the water back out!! I just don’t feel comfortable with this, I certainly wouldn’t submerge it in water. However, if you’re one of these vapers that likes to vape in the tub (hot tub or bath!) This might be for you. My hubby is one of these people that wallows in the bath for hours on end, and has killed several mods by dropping them into the murky depths of the tub! 

So the Active mod, also has Bluetooth, so you can connect your phone and play music, ok! More on this later.

The overall feel of the mod, it’s not particularly heavy, but it feels quite awkward to hold, it just feels a bit chunky, you can feel the edges sticking in your fingers, not in a sharp way, but in a kind of unnatural way.

The Active Mod Buttons & Battery

So the Active has a 2100mAh LiPo battery and it will fire up to 80w.  For me, I would have preferred an 18650 removable battery, but then I guess this would mean a battery cover, and it would have to be sealed in some way to keep the ‘waterproof’ feature.

The vape buttons are pretty simple, fire button at the top, and below the screen you have the up and down buttons. I’m finding that with this silicone cover, I struggle to keep the fire pressed if I’m firing it with my fingers, however if I use my thumb I seem to get better placement on the button and it keeps it fired. The buttons are nice and clicky, although rather a dull click with the cover on.

Below the up and down buttons you have the charging port and a reset button, and remember this charging port has to be fully sealed with the silicone bung to be waterproof.

On the Opposite side you have the Music buttons, the top one is your pause and play button, next one down is skip back a track and volume down, next skip forward a track and volume up, and the final button at the bottom is the one to switch the bluetooth on and off.

The Active Mod Screen & Menu

The screen is very basic, no fancy colours, no stunning wallpaper options, it’s a 0.91 inch OLED showing you basic info, Watts, ohms, volts and amps, and a battery icon (temp if using in temp mode) 3 clicks of the fire button will take you into mode selection, scroll through Wattage, temp Ni, SS and Ti, plus several memory modes, and bypass mode by using the up and down buttons, and then press fire to select your choice.

The watts count up from 1-20w in increments of 0.1w and then from 20w and up in full digits. Great for fine tuning the power to those higher ohm coils. It doesn’t round robin though, so if you go up to 80w and decide you’d rather have it set on 20w, you have to come all the way back down.

Temp modes counts in increments of 5c in Celsius, and 10f in Fahrenheit, to switch between the two, just go all the way to the end of the scale, and it switches over.

While using the Active mod in temp mode, 4 clicks of the fire button will allow you to alter the wattage.

Pressing up and down simultaneously will lock the keys so you can’t make any accidental alterations to the wattage or temp while the mod is stored in your pocket or bag. And as almost always these days…. 5 clicks will turn the Active mod on and off.

The Music Player and Speaker

So as strange as a music player in a mod may be, this has it! Well no it doesn’t have a music player, it has a Bluetooth connector meaning that you can connect this to your phone. Press the Bluetooth button on the mod, and make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, the mod will tell you that Bluetooth is switched on. Then just check in the Bluetooth list on your phone, and Look for ‘Wismec Active’ Click on this and the two will pair.

Start playing music on your phone, and it will play through the Active mod speaker. Now for a little speaker this is actually fantastic! It sounds amazing! Don’t get me wrong, theres not much bass, but the music plays through crisp and clear, and it’s actually quite loud on full volume.

You can advance to the next song, or skip back by clicking the forward/rewind buttons. Now I normally have to click the button twice to get it to work. If you press and hold either of these two buttons, the volume will increase or decrease. Press the top pause/play button and of course it will pause the track.

The Amor NSE Tank

The Amor tank in my kit is a straight tank, no bubble glass, so I’m assuming it’s 2ml. It’s a pretty basic tank, airflow at the bottom that can be closed down fairly tight. Top filling by pushing the top cap over to one side, and the top cap does have an arrow with the direction to press. If you’re using chunky bottles you may need to remove the drip tip to be able to get the nozzle into the filling hole.

I started with the 0.2ohm pre-installed coil at around 45w, which was ok. Nothing to rave about, vapour is fair along with the flavour, but I really wanted to get the 1.3ohm in the tank and see if you actually can Mouth to lung inhale with it.

The airflow collar on the tank gives you a choice of configurations with the airflow holes. There are 2 fairly small holes, and one large hole. I found that just one small hole open was still pretty airy for MTL inhaling, however you can close this down to half a hole, or smaller if you wish and this really does close the airflow down lots.

How does the Wismec Active &  Amor NSE Vape?

So with the MTL coil, I think this tank is much better, vaping at 18w and the flavour is actually really good, not masses of vapour, but if it’s flavour that tickles your fancy then go for the 1.3ohm coil.

The sub-ohm coil is pretty M’eh, I have used much better sub ohm coils, and to be honest a 2100mAh battery at 50w plus isn’t going to last for long, especially if you’re blasting out music while you’re vaping. Not to mention, 2ml of liquid at 50w lasts for about 10 minutes!

Final Thoughts on the Wismec Active Kit.

So crikey… where do I start?

I have had a couple of problems with the Active mod, one that has happened for the first time this morning, I picked it up to vape with it, and nothing, pressing the fire button, nothing, 5 clicks…. yeah you guessed it – Nothing! I’m pretty certain that no way should the battery be flat yet, but popped it on charge just in case, and it booted back into life, with the battery life at about 60%. So what happened there?… who knows 


The fire button, which I’m sure would be fine without the silicone case, I struggle to keep it pressed with a finger, although firing it with my thumb no problems at all.

The Bluetooth seems to shut itself off fairly quickly, so if you pause the song and then come back to play it 10 minutes later, its already lost connection. Good in the fact that it’s saving battery life, but you need to reactivate Bluetooth and try again.

The positives, its a tough bit of kit, I have dropped it a couple of times (and no that wasn’t for testing, I’m just a clumsy mare!) and it just bounces and laughs at you! No it doesn’t really laugh, but if it could I’m pretty sure it would! I don’t want to kick it round the floor to see just how rugged it is, but if you want to see someone do that you could always head over and watch Jai Haze review it on Youtube!   This guy has me in stitches…. great moves there Mr Haze!

It’s waterproof, or so they claim! I am not going to submerge the Active mod in water… nope, no way. But I wouldn’t worry about taking it out in a rainstorm. Have you ever been out in the garden with your mod, pulling up weeds or just chilling with a beer, and then the rain comes down…. you go back inside, make a cuppa, put your feet up and reach for your mod, only to remember it’s still outside with the weeds…. in the pouring rain! 

I’m pretty sure this mod would be fine when you finally bring it back in, in fact no need to rush out in the downpour, just leave it out there until it stops!

Its not the comfiest of mods to hold, but you do kind of get used to it. It just feels a bit on the chunky side, but without the weight that you would expect for a mod this size. The silicone cover can be removed, and you can use the Active mod without it (if you can remember which buttons do what) And…. you can get different colour silicone covers too, if you feel the Active needs a bit of a facelift! Be warned though, the silicone cover picks up every little bit of dust, dirt, fluff and dogs hairs that it can find!

The speaker is just brilliant! It sounds awesome, but I can’t get my head round why you would want to play music via your mod? Battery life will just get blasted  along with the music.

The Wimec Active kit, I personally think is a guys kit, maybe someone who works outdoors, a park ranger, farmer, builder… anyone who might knock their mod about a bit in day to day life. And I’m not in any way being sexist saying it’s more for guys, I just think that the ladies might find this a little bit uncomfortable to hold.

So… Will the Wismec Active Kit be retired to the shelf? – No… but I won’t be using it either. As great as the Active mod is, it’s just not my cuppa tea  🙁

It doesn’t fit well into my hand, I have to keep it a certain way round so my thumb fires the button, and I really don’t like the overall feel of it. If it was a little bit smaller, even just 5mm smaller round the edges it might have made the daily use list. Especially seeing as it looks like it can’t be easily killed! As it is, I’m going to pass it over to hubby so he can vape happily in the bath! 


Ceekays Shack Score.

It’s a kit, so scoring out of 10. (half) 5 on the tank and 5 on the Active mod.

The tank, while it’s decent with a MTL coil, I wasn’t keen on the sub-ohm coil, poor flavour, and where this have been compensated for with vapour production… well it didn’t. So losing half a point there.

The Active mod, the innovation is fab, the speaker is brilliant, but losing half a point for the fire button being a little too awkward in the silicone cover, and half a point for the problem I had this morning, whether that will be a one off, only time will tell, but if it starts to happen frequently I will come back and update the review. Not minus-ing points for the chunkiness, if you have big hands you may be ok but this is a point to remember if you intend to purchase. So the Wismec Active Kit gets a rough and rugged 8.5/10!


You too can vape and play music while you abseil down a mountain!

Head on over to Vapesourcing.com to purchase the Wismec Active kit – $68.90 or if you want to pop your own tank on top, you can grab just the Wismec Active Mod for £49.35 (personally I’d go with this option)

Wismec Active Mod – Ceekays Bonus Content!

Cheeky little paragraph I decided to pop into the review a couple of days after I wrote the rest of it! I talked myself into trying something that I never really intended too.  I have dropped the Active mod a couple of times (albeit accidentally) and seen for myself that it doesn’t dent, scratch, or damage easily, so I thought I really should test the waterproof feature too. Filled a bowl with water, got my favourite song playing and dropped the active mod in the bowl! Yes the music did keep playing, and vibrated the draining board (the bass is definitely better in water!) bubbles rose from the speaker, but it didn’t die! I left it in for a couple of minutes, then took it out, shook it dry and re-attached the tank. Does everything still work properly?… It sure did!

I say did, as I decided for this bonus content I should provide pics of me doing the said water test. This time however, the Wismec Active died! Now I had previously removed the silicon cover and assumed that I had put it back on correctly, the charging port plug was pushed properly in, so I have no idea how water has made it’s way inside. Now I have to wait and see if it will dry out and work again! I will update later with the outcome.

So Waterproof?…. Maybe not as waterproof as one would wish! 


Final Update – Following Day

So I’m happy to say that after a few hours drying out, I plugged it into the charger and it revived itself! Now back in full working order, playing music, letting me vape! Still not sure where the water got in to start with, just make sure that if you remove the silicone cover, you make sure every edge is sealed when you put it back on!

What do you think of the Wismec Active kit? Have you managed to kill yours yet? Comment below, or pop over to the forum

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