Eleaf iStick Pico X & Melo 4 Review – The Latest in a Long Line of Pico’s!

Many thanks to Eleaf for sending me the Pico X to have a play with. It came as a kit, stocked with the Melo 4 tank.

Eleaf iStick Pico X specs

Size: 50mm*31mm*112mm
Weight: 112g (without cell)
E-liquid capacity: 2ml
Battery type: single 18650
Output wattage: 75W max
Output voltage: 0.5V-9V
Resistance range: 0.1Ω-3.0Ω (VW/Bypass mode)
0.05Ω-1.0Ω (TC-Ni/Ti/SS/M1/M2/M3 mode)
Colors: black, red, blue, silver, green


●Intelligent Wattage Recommending System
●Soft and Smooth to Touch
●An Ergonomic and Compact Design
●Utilizing New EC Mesh Coil
●Single 18650 Mod with 75W Output
●Concise Display with Optional Interfaces

In The Pico X Box

1× iStick Pico X (without cell)
1× MELO 4 Atomizer (D22)
2× EC-M 0.15ohm Heads
1× QC USB Cable
2× User Manuals
Spare Parts
Spare Parts

Initial Thoughts on the Pico X

Firstly, anyone who knows me knows that a couple of years ago the original Pico box mod was a firm favourite of mine, teamed up with a small MTL tank, the Pico was my kind of vape heaven. Opening the box on this one and lots of happy memories came flooding back. I used to hate big dual battery box mods, and yet now that’s what I use daily. So it really was a blast from the past to open the Pico X box and be greeted by this lovely, small, cute little mod!

I have a rather unusual colour, it’s like a khaki green, or maybe you’d call it an olive green, but it does really suit the mod. It has a small Eleaf logo on one side at the bottom, and ‘iStick Pico X’ on the other, but it’s not in your face. On the bottom you have 4 vent holes and the safety mark, and of course in true Pico fashion the + and – bar (buttons). On the side you have the fire button, in the same colour as the mod. Below that the screen, and under that the charging port.

On the top you have the 510 plate and I believe that this will accommodate a tank up to around 22mm, you won’t fit anything bigger on there due to the battery cap being in the way.

The shape of the mod is extremely comfy to hold, it has contours around the middle that the original Pico didn’t,  and with it being a single battery mod it really does tuck nicely into the palm of your hand. If you tap the Pico X with a fingernail you get that plasticky sound, I’m not sure if it is made from plastic, but it has a rubber texture and feel to it, so it may be that it’s just coated in some kind of plastic?

The small Melo 4 is a sleek looking tank, and looks great on top of the Pico X, but unfortunately it’s only a 2ml tank! 


The Pico X Battery & Buttons

The Pico X is (as it’s predecessors were) a single 18650 battery mod, this keeps the size nice and small, but paired with a sub ohm coil means you really aren’t going to get a huge run time. To install a battery just unscrew the battery cap next to the tank, and pop your battery in positive end down. You will notice a Minus sign on the inside of the battery cap, and a positive way down in the end of the battery tube. Under the screen you have the charging port, and you can vape while the Pico is charging. However I prefer to change the battery out for a freshly charged one.

The fire button has a great click to it, nice to press, you’re not having to push with all your might to get the mod to fire. The Plus and minus buttons can be found on the bottom of the mod, again nice and clicky.

The Screen & Menu

The Pico X screen is small (0.69 inch) showing basic info: battery icon, ohms, puff count, and then in larger digits next to this either the watts or temperature.

The menu is a basic Eleaf menu, 3 clicks takes you to chose the output mode, Watts, Temp SS, Ti, Ni, M1,2 &3, and Bypass. And pressing plus and fire together for a couple of seconds will take you to the settings menu. The settings menu is displayed by those awful little icons, that one: I can’t see, and two: I have no idea what each one means and no desire to memorize them! I would much rather the settings menu be titled with words (like the mode menu) rather than little pictures that really do not display well on a screen of this size!

By pressing the up and down together you can lock the power adjustment while still being able to vape, and 5 clicks will switch the Pico X off and on.

Something new to the Pico X is the Coil Protection Function, in Eleafs own words, explained here:

The iStick Pico X upgrades with a new intelligent coil protection function. If the iStick Pico X is set at a high wattage, when you screw an atomizer on, it will recommend you a safe wattage automatically according to detected resistance to protect your coil from being burnt in case you do not know the wattage you could set for it.

And of course the Pico X has all of the normal built in protections that you would expect from Eleaf.

The Melo 4 Tank.

So the Melo 4, it’s a nice looking tank, top filling by means of a sliding cap which does have an arrow showing you which way the cap needs to be pushed. Two large airflow slots can be found on the bottom of the tank and adjusted by the twisty collar. With this being a sub-ohm tank, it’s not a MTL tank, but you can get quite a restricted direct lung inhale by closing the airflow right down.

The Melo 4 tank utilizes a new kind of EC mesh coil, why is it new? I have no idea! Although Eleaf state that it’s supposed to distribute the heat more quickly and evenly, to give a more intense flavour! Ok then….

How does the iStick Pico X & Melo 4 Tank Vape

It’s fab! The flavour really is clean and crisp, the coil definitely seems to heat up nice and fast so that new EC-M coil is doing it’s job. I’ve been vaping at around 45w-50w (the clever little Eleaf chip recommended 55w but that was a little too high for me) and there’s a decent amount of vapour, but that vape does get quite hot if you take fairly long draws, so if you’re not keen on hot vapour you may want to knock the power down a little bit.

One problem that I am having quite a lot, when I put the mod down for 10 minutes or so, and then come back to it, it asks me if it’s a new coil. This gets really really tedious. To the extent that I really don’t want to pick the stupid thing back up!

Final Thoughts on the Pico X & Melo 4 Tank

It’s so nice to go back to a small mod, lightweight and oh so comfy to hold.  The good points for me, I love the colour, adore the shape of the Pico X and the way it feels like its molded especially for my hand, and the finish is so smooth…. it really does feel lovely.

I can lock the power and pop it in my pocket without worrying that I’m going to alter the wattage. This is a huge bonus as some mods, when locking the buttons also locks the fire button, which to me seems pointless, you may as well just switch it off.

The bad points, that blummin ‘new coil question drives me nuts… Why? 


  Why ask every time I pick up the Pico X!! This has to be some kind of fault, maybe something to do with the new coil protection feature? It really does need sorting though as it is very annoying!

The tank, oh my goodness, a 2ml tank with a super low ohm coil, the liquid is gone in 10 minutes!
A low ohm coil and a single 18650! Even worse, the battery will last for about 3 tanks worth of liquid if you’re lucky! These kind of things irritate me. Separately the tank, coil and mod are brilliant, stick them altogether to make a kit, and it seems pointless. You will spend more time filling the tank and charging batteries than you will vaping!

Ceekays Shack Score

Losing a point for the ‘new coil’ question every ten minutes,  losing a point for for the sub-ohm coil in the 2ml tank. And also losing half a point because I can’t pop my favourite 24mm tanks on there, they could have made this a couple of mm bigger and kept everyone happy! So the Eleaf iStick Pico X gets a decent 7.5/10


It’s a cute little mod, but some aspects let it down.


Eleaf have been kind enough to let me know, that if you update the firmware for the Pico X, this should get rid of the ‘New coil?’ question every time you pick up the Pico. New firmware can be found here I can’t see an option for the Pico X, however there is one for all versions of the Pico. Might be best to shoot an email over to the Eleaf team and just check if this version would be ok to use.

If you want to read more about the Pico X, or pick one up for yourself, head over to Eleaf: iStick Pico X –  $57.98-$74.98

What do you think of the Eleaf Pico X? Leave a comment below, or pop over to the forum:

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