Voopoo & Ben Phillips – Stupidity At It’s Utter Finest! (Oh and the Voopoo Drag 2)

The Voopoo Drag 2 was sent to me by Vapesourcing.com for me to try out, review, let you folks know my thoughts. So a huge thanks to Vapesourcing for that.

This unfortunately isn’t  going to be a  review though….

Now I don’t like Voopoo! Let me get that out of the way to start with. After receiving the initial Drag, with it’s unattractive shape, it was clearly designed for men with large hands that could hold the Drag without a problem. I didn’t like it.

I emailed Voopoo about a problem I had with a sticky fire button, and never received a reply… so much for customer service, these guys don’t give a flying **** about their customers.

Then there was the Voopoo & Tony B drama, if you don’t know what that was,  you can see a quick run down here  Now people and reviewers were pretty peeved about what happened here, but it was a while ago, and dirt gets kicked under the carpet….people started to forget. Reviewers started to review their products again…

So rewind to a just over a week ago, I started to use the Voopoo Drag 2, getting ready to review it. And I have to say the shape is much better than the first sharp edged, uncomfortable, heavyweight, piece of Poo that is the Drag version 1.

And then…. This happened!

Voopoo sponsored Ben Phillips to make a video of the Drag 2… but not just any old video, a prank video. A little background on Ben Phillips: He’s a Youtuber, he has 4.1 million subscribers, and his videos target kids…. little people under 18 years of age (and maybe a few older than 18 too, but theres no getting away from the fact that the majority of his viewers are children)

So Voopoo sponsored a kids Youtuber to make a video about a vaping device! Whaaaat!! 


Not only is the fact that most of Ben Phillips viewers going to be under the legal age of vaping, Ben Philips decided to fill the tank on the Voopoo Drag with liquid helium to prank his brother! Stupid doesn’t even begin to describe the whole fiasco.

We’ve had a struggle here in the UK to get vaping accepted, even now we have some of the most stupid vaping laws drawn up by the government, but vaping is allowed…. Advocacy groups, members of the public have all spent time writing to MP’s, health advisors, parliament, doing everything they can to help our plight as vapers, and this guy – Ben Phillips along with the company Voopoo have started to undo all the good that has been done in the past, with just one stupid video!!! Anti Ecig campaigners are having a field day with this mess!

Only god knows what the FDA in United States are going to do with class act of pure stupidity!
I don’t know who to hate more… Voopoo for sponsoring this kids youtuber, or Ben Phillips for being a total and utter pillock!

Because it’s easier if you just watch the kind of commotion that this has caused, here’s a couple of video’s so you can actually see what’s happening now….

Now I’ve just checked and it does look like Ben Phillips has taken the offending video down, but Voopoo! Why would you do this in the first place? Now Voopoo have already made it totally clear with the Tony B saga that they have no morals at all, so for them, this was just a way to get their products out there, get some exposure… but to kids, bl**dy disgraceful!!!

So, I won’t be reviewing the Drag 2, but for anyone that is curious, it’s way better than the original drag, way more comfy to hold, and this last week it’s been working a treat, but it’s a real shame that I’m going to say….

‘Don’t buy it!’

In fact I won’t be buying anything with the Voopoo name again! But it’s your choice, just remember these guys have shown that they don’t care about us vapers, they don’t care about the vaping industry, they don’t care about advocacy, they certainly don’t care about kids and illegal under age vaping, all they care about is selling their products and making money, and quite obviously they don’t care how they do it!

Shame on you Voopoo!!

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