Eleaf Elven Pod Kit Review

Massive thanks to Eleaf for sending out the Elven Pod system for me to try. Now I don’t like pods, they just don’t ‘do it‘ for me 🙁  However I do of course understand that many new vapers will start vaping with a pod type device, and many established vapers will maybe need a pod at some stage… so on that note, lets take a look at the Elven and see what it can do.

Eleaf Elven Specs

Size: 20mm*10mm*100mm
Weight: 24g
E-liquid capacity: 1.6ml
Output wattage: 15W max
Battery capacity: 360mAh
Coil resistance: 1.6Ω
Colors: Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue


●Different Airflows in One Pod
●Ultra Small, Lightweight and Portable
●Easy Side Fill
●Taste the Flavors
●No Buttons. Just Inhale
●Easily Visible E-liquid Level

In The Box

1×Elven Battery
2×Elven Pods
1×QC USB Cable
1×User Manual

Initial Thoughts on the Eleaf Elven

My initial thoughts, well the very first thought was “Ughh it’s a pod!” My second thought, it’s actually not bad looking. I have the red one, the colour is beautiful, it has a lovely metallic finish and it does look very cool.

The Elven is rounded at each end, and the actual pod itself (the mouthpiece and tank) is a see through grey/black colour, and on either flat side of the device is an oval shaped hole so you can see how much liquid you have left. On one side you get a battery indicator LED,  and the bottom end is black and has the charging port.

On each (thin) edge of the Elven, up the top end next to the pod you have a double dimple feature, now I’m assuming this is to help hold the pod in place. One edge has the brand name, Eleaf Elven in white and on the other edge you get the CE marking, and a little dustbin with a cross through it. So in other words don’t dispose of this device in your normal bin, as it has a battery inside!

The Elven weighs a teeny weeny 24g, so be honest you don’t even know you’re holding it! 


Eleaf  Elven – The Battery

So the Elven battery is 360mAh, so you’re not going to get a huge run time from this (depending how much you use it of course) but Eleaf have paired this up with a higher ohm coil! Which means that it will last you longer than the 40 minutes you get from some pods! I’m really happy that Eleaf have done this, small batteries and sub ohm coils just really don’t mix, so well done Eleaf on getting this right! 


As mentioned above, you can find the charging port on the bottom rounded end of the Elven. You will also notice on one flat side of the device a small battery indicator light. This will light up red while charging. And while you’re vaping it will let you know how much battery percentage you have left. Green is 100%-60%, then you get Blue letting you know you’re almost half way 60%-20% and then Red tells you to get this baby on charge as you have less than 20% remaining!

The good thing is that you can use the Elven while its charging (which takes a couple of hours depending on your input to the battery) So great for in the car, or if you have a battery pack.

Eleaf  Elven – The Pod

The actual pod will hold 1.6ml of liquid, and it has a 1.6ohm coil. To fill the Elven Pod just remove the little rubber bung at the side, it’s easy to see how much liquid is in there, so fill it up, replace the bung and then sit this to one side for 5 minutes just to make sure the wicking is completely saturated (you only need to do this the first time you fill it, unless you have let the pod run completely dry).

When you pop the pod back into the Elven, you get two options for airflow. Remember the double dimples I mentioned earlier, on one edge of the Elven, just above the dimples, you will notice a small air hole. If you pop the Pod into the Elven with the clear side next to the hole, this will this will give quite a tight draw. Turn the pod around so the rubber bung is against the air hole, and this will loosen the airflow up a little. Bear in mind that there isn’t a massive difference, but it is noticeable 


How does the Eleaf  Elven Vape?

The Elven utilizes an auto battery – no button to press, just draw on the Elven to activate the battery. With the airflow on the tightest setting you can indeed easily mouth to lung inhale. Turn that pod around and I have managed a very restrictive direct lung inhale.

I find if I’m trying to MTL inhale, I do struggle to keep the battery activated, but that could just be me not pulling hard enough. Direct lung inhaling does keep the battery activated way easier for me.

The flavour is really good for a pod, and the vapour production is what you would expect. Not masses of vapour, (and you do get more from the airier set up) but you do get a steady stream.

As always with pod systems you’re not going to get much of a hit with a low mg nicotine level. So if you have the Elven for at work, or maybe while traveling so you can grab a quick vape every now and then, you will be best to pair this up with a higher mg liquid, or try out some nic salts in it.

Final Thoughts on the Eleaf Elven

For a pod… It’s decent. It works exactly how it should, and it does look really nice. It’s small, cute and lightweight, so everything you would expect from a pod.

One thing I’m really not keen on is the shape of the mouthpiece. I think to draw in a mouth to lung style, a round mouthpiece would be way better (mimicking a cigarette) This flat style mouthpiece just seems too chunky to comfortably hold in your lips. This may be why I struggle to activate the battery in MTL configuration, I just can’t seem to get a seal between my lips, and the pod. Maybe I’m just too used to the mouthpieces on the larger tanks that I use, but the Pod on the Elven isn’t comfy to use. If the actual mouthpiece section was smaller, thinner, maybe shaped more like a whistle tip, this would be so much better to use 


Apart from that the Elven ticks all the boxes that a pod system should.

Will the Eleaf Elven be retired to the shelf? – Well that’s not really a fair question, thats like asking someone if they would like a roast chicken dinner when they don’t like chicken! Ceekay doesn’t like pods! 


Ceekays Shack Score

It’s a great design, fantastic to see Eleaf using a higher ohm coil with a smaller battery, and great to see an option for airflow. Unfortunately though, the Elven has to lose a point for the shape of the mouthpiece, it just doesn’t feel right. So the Eleaf Elven scores a decent 4/5 


Pop over to the Eleaf store site to check out the Eleaf Elven Pod Kit where can pre-order for around $20, or ask your local store if they can stock it.

Leave your thoughts on the Eleaf Elven below, or pop over to the forum to chat with other members.

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