The Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod Review – Top Marks For Dovpo?

A massive thanks to for sending out the Dovpo Topside for me to have a play with. I’ve heard people mention this, and what a fantastic innovation it is, a top filling squonker means no more wasted liquid, and no faffing about with filler bottles. I actually couldn’t wait to get my mitts on it. 


Dovpo Topside Specs:

Size: 92.00mm*54.0mm*27.0mm
Wattage Range: 0-90W
Screen Size: 0.96’’
Material: Zinc Alloy, Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel (All parts that have contact with e-liquid are made from food grade stainless steel and silicone)
Input Voltage Range: 0.08Ω -3.5Ω
Working Mode: VW, Bypass, TC
Thread: Gold-plated Spring Loaded 510

In The Box

1* Topside Mod(no cell)
1* Bottle (pre-installed)
1* Extra Bottle Kit
1* 1*18650 Battery Adapter
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1* Card

The Dovpo Topside Initial Thoughts

So the Topside is a collaboration between Dovpo (of course) and Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, I love it when actual Vapers team up with manufacturers, this means we get something that has been properly thought out!

The Topside comes in a plastic box, with a covering cardboard sleeve, and inside the box as well as the Topside you get a little card from Brian, with a quick note about him being the creator, and of course plugging his youtube channel, but at the bottom Brian urges us all to ‘Think outside the box!’ And this is exactly what he has done with the box, because once you have removed the contents it doubles up as a little storage container for your wire and wick, and the top panel has 4 holes that will serve as an atty stand! Fantastic start! 


On the Dovpo Topside Mod, well first impressions were…. It’s kind of heavy, even without the battery, but it does have a very ‘quality’ feel to it. Next impressions were… it’s kind of ugly! It  looks like a stretched out Pico that someone has molded and squished the sides in.

A good point I did notice was that its not emblazoned with logo’s and branding. It has the word Topside in small lettering curving round the 510 springy pin section (and your RDA is going to cover this) and then on the battery cover at the bottom you have the normal saftey logos, and ‘Dovpo, a TVC Creation’ However the rest of the mod is totally plain. Oh the silicone bottle has a ‘T’ on it, but there is a way to turn the bottle around so the T is hiding at the back if you don’t want it showing. Check out the Jai haze review and he will show you how to do this, but it is really simple.

The sides have a couple of curves, one where the battery tube is, and the other where the bottle is located. The curve around the 510 pin will accommodate RDA’s up to around 25mm comfortably, 26mm may have a slight overhang.

So initial impressions were rather “m’eh”   


The Dovpo Topside Squonk Bottle.

So the main feature of the Topside is the top filling squonk bottle, and lets face it, this has to be better than removing your squonk bottle. No matter how careful I try and be when it’s full of liquid and I’m trying to get it back into the squonk mod, I normally end up covered in liquid. This was made ten times better by the invention of the squonk filling bottles, but they meant removing the RDA, fitting the filler bottle and then performing some strange manouvres with your hands where you squeeze one bottle, tip the mod then squeeze the other…. kind of like milking a cow, but different! 


So The Dovpo bottle, (which is a food grade silicone bottle by the way) you don’t have to remove, (unless you want to clean it) and you don’t need a filler bottle, you also don’t have to remove your RDA. At the top of the Topside, you will see a knurled cap, this unscrews by twisting it anti-clockwise, it will turn a few times, and then it pops as the cap releases. Then just tug the cap and it will come away. You then have 2 curved shaped holes, and you can just fill the bottle from either of these holes… pure simplicity.

To pop the cape back on, line up the holes and the silicone bungs on the cap, push down and twist to screw the cap back on.

To remove the bottle (you need to remove the top cap first) open the battery door under the Topside, and you will notice a little notch on the front of the bottle holder, pop your nail in there and pull downwards and this should pull the bottle and its holder right out of the mod.

You will also notice along with the 2 fill holes on top of the bottle, a smaller hole to one side, and this is where the squonk pipe fits, this stays hidden inside the Topside mod, and you won’t have to worry about that, but just incase you were wondering what that little hole was… well, now you know. 

You can remove the plastic sleeve by means of the 2 little screws at the top of the bottle, and this allows you to fully wash the bottle, and dry it. 

Thats it, the bottle and the bottle holder in all it’s simple glory! Oh and you will get a spare one of these, just incase you want to have two flavours on the go.

The Dovpo Topside Battery & Buttons

The Topside is a single battery mod, and it will take an 18650 battery by means of a battery sleeve that you will find inside the Topside battery tube when you purchase it. It will also take either a 20700 or 21700 if you want that extra run time. The battery direction is clearly marked with a – minus on the door, so positive end goes in first.

To open the battery door just push the bottom across, and this will release the door. The door is hinged, and to close it, just just push down and slide across. I find there is no battery rattle at all. I’m using a 20700 and there is some movemnet in the battery tube when its inserted, but when the door is closed this holds the battery tightly in place.

On the side of the Dovpo Topside you will see the USB charging port, and this can also be used for upgrading the firmware.

The fire button is raised, made from plastic, and does have a nice quality sounding click when pressed, as do the smaller adjustment buttons located under the screen.

The Topside Screen & Menu.

So the screen is a small 0.96inch OLED type screen, with basic info: Battery icon, wattage, amps, volts and ohms. The Wattage part is in nice big digits that I can make out without my glasses on, big thumbs up for that 


The menu (box standard) is very basic! You only have two modes, wattage and bypass. To change between these two modes just press the fire button, and the down adjustment button.

To lock the adjustment keys, press the up and down buttons together, and this will only lock those adjustment buttons, so you can still vape but if you throw the Topside in your pocket you won’t end up accidentally altering the wattage. And of course 5 clicks will turn the Topside on and off.

The watts increase in 0.5w increments all the way up to 90w, and then round robbins back to 5w.

Now if you head over to the Dovpo site, you can get some new firmware for the Topside which incorporates a temp control mode into the menu, so for all you vapers that like using your stainless steel, or nickel coils, you can still use those in temp mode, you just need to upgrade your firmware.
You can get that  right here by clicking on the firmware update tab.

Just below the screen you will see four slats and this is supposed to be a cooling vent for the chipset, the only thing that worries me, is if liquid can get in there. What of you over squonk and have a bit of a leak??

How Does the Dovpo Vape?

The Topside has a top end wattage of 90w, I never ever use power this high, I normally find that 50-60w is my maximum no matter how low the ohms are. I’ve been using a 0.18ohm coil on the Topside, and at 45w this is pretty much perfect for me. The power to the coil is pretty much instant, I don’t feel like I’m waiting for the power to ramp up which is a great feature. However if you’re one of these vapers that likes to test the limits and will vape over 100w then obviously the Topside isn’t for you.

It works great though for me, squonking is a doddle, the silicone bottle is nice and soft to press, but not so soft that you find you constantly over squonk. Actually for a silicone bottle you can feel a little resistance when you press it, it doesn’t just squish like some silicone bottles do.

Final Thoughts on the Dovpo Topside.

So final thoughts… I like it, it vapes really well, and of course the top filling squonk bottle is a brilliant idea. The menu is nice and simple, which is always a bonus in my eyes.

I’m not disappointed by the way it looks, but I have seen better. Is it comfortable to hold? It’s not the best to be honest. I still use the Recurve mod and the shape and feel of that mod is amazing, comparing the two, I would rather hold the recurve, but the Topside isn’t awful, it just feels a little weird in the hand. Maybe bigger hands would find it better.

I personally think the Dovpo Topside would suit all vapers who love to squonk, especially someone new to squonking as it gets rid of all the older awkward ways of having to fill the bottle. Filling this squonk bottle is as easy as filling a tank!

Will the Dovpo Topside be retired to the shelf? – To be honest, no I don’t think it will. My main squonk mod is the Recurve and I think that will take a lot of beating. Even though I have to fill it with a refill bottle, I don’t think anything will come close. But… the Topside does have some great qualities, and I can see myself using it.

Ceekays Shack Score

So scoring out of 5, the innovation for the filling method is absolutely fantastic, and the only thing that gets a down vote from me is the shape of the Topside, it could be more comfy to hold, so losing half a point for that (but if shape doesn’t bother you then you can add that back on!). The Dovpo Topside gets a top end 4.5/5


Fancy picking one these bad boys up for yourself, then head over to and get your 
Dovpo Topside mod for $69.90

Oh and for you dual battery lovers out there…. There is also a Dovpo Topside Dual Mod

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What do you think of the Dovpo Topside? Leave your comment below or pop over to out forum to chat with other members.

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