The Wotofo Elder Dragon RDA Review

A massive thank you to Wotofo for sending out the Elder Dragon RDA for me to have a look at. The Elder Dragon was designed and made by Wotofo and a Japanese reviewer called Ryujin.

Elder Dragon Specs:

Build Deck Diameter: 22mm
Overall Height: 34.5mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
Threading: 510 Thread
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Coil Configuration: Single Coil
Juice Feeding Method: Drip / Squonk
Insulator Material: German PEEK

In The Box:

1pc Elder Dragon RDA
1pc Coil Trimming Tool
1pc Extra Drip Tip
1pc 510 Drip Tip Adapter
1pc User Manual
1bag Clapton Coil
1bag 3mm Agleted Cotton
1bag Extra Orings & Screws

Included coil specs:

Tri Core Fused Clapton Coil
26Gx3+38G N80
ID 3mm
0.17ohm (40W-75W)

Initial Thoughts on the Wotofo Elder Dragon:

The Elder Dragon comes packaged in Wotofo’s custom black & green coloured box, with a little viewing window on the top, and as always it’s very well presented.

Removing the Elder Drgon from the box, and I really do like the shape and design of this little RDA. It’s a 22mm single coil, I have the gun metal colour, and it has a shiny polished kind of finish to it.

The top cap is a nicely finished piece of engineering, and Wotofo state that it is shaped like a Pagoda. Google Pagoda and the definition is “a tiered tower with multiple eaves” So yeah, I can kind of see the resemblance, there is a couple of tiers on the cap, I guess if you count the drip tip into the configuration too then it makes more sense.

Theres no branding on the top cap, but turn it over to the base and you do have Wotofo’s logo, and Ryujins signature there on the bottom. You also have the Tai Chi symbol, which means ‘balanced energy’. 


The drip tip is an 810 fitting, and the one supplied looks great, however if you have a favourite one that you want to use, it’s probably going to have a little bit of an overhang because of the domed shape of the top cap. This may not bother you, but if it does you can always add the 510 adapter into the equation and stick a favourite 510 mouthpiece on there instead 


The Elder Dragon comes with a squonk pin pre-installed, this is the norm for Wotofo RDA’s, but you do get a standard pin in the box if you want to drip with this.

Also the great thing about anything you purchase with the Wotofo brand, you get everything in the box to get you up and vaping, from screwdriver to coil and cotton. It’s like Christmas all in one little box!

The Elder Dragon Top Cap and Air Flow.

So the cap is a dome shaped one piece cap with 2 air flow holes on either side. The air flow comes in at the side, travels down under the coil, and as you vape this pulls the air back up and through the coil. So even though the air flow comes in at the sides, the Elder Dragon works rather like a bottom air flow.

Courtesy of Wotofo

When placing the top cap onto the base add a little e-liquid to the o-rings first as that top is pretty tight. Once that top cap is on, you can adjust the airflow, bearing in mind that all of the airflow holes adjust together. There is a locking mechanism on the cap, so it will twist from fully open to fully closed and that’s it, you can’t keep twisting that top cap round and round.

The Elder Dragon Build Deck

The base has a fairly deep juice well, and the deck is postless. There are 4 holes for the coil legs, this is great as it doesn’t matter which way round you wrap your coils, they are going to drop right into the base.

You do get a coil tool that allows you to cut the legs to the precise measurement, and for the Elder Dragon this is 6mm. Wotofo do put a little sticker on the coil tool, and if you chop your coil legs here, then it’s going to fit perfectly into the Elder Dragon build deck. It honestly doesn’t get any easier than this!

Courtesy of Wotofo

To make things even easier, just lay your coil winding tool across the top of the Elder Dragon deck, and there are two little cut outs so it sits perfectly while you tighten down those screws. You can use either a flat or Philips screwdriver. Then pulse the coil to get rid of any hotspots, and you’re all good to add your cotton. As usual Wotofo have added the agleted cotton in with the kit, thread it through, and cut the cotton so it slightly overhangs the edges of the deck, and then just tuck it in.

Courtesy of Wotofo

A little bonus that you do get with the Elder Dragon, if you look underneath the base you will notice two small screws, undo these and you can remove the airflow channels for easy cleaning!

How Does the Elder Dragon Vape.

The flavour of this little beast is outstanding, vapour is decent although not as huge as some of the larger RDA’s, but with most RDA’s the edge is either on flavour or vapour production and the Elder Dragon definitely hits the nail right on the head when it comes to flavour.

I seem to get quite a lot of spitting with this RDA. I’ve tried vaping it anywhere between 40 and 55w and it still spits like a rumbling volcano. I guess the drip tip is very close to the coil, and I’m assuming this is why it’s so noticeable, I may try a different coil at some stage.

Final Thoughts on The Wotofo Elder Dragon

So… The shape and size is really nice, the finish and machining is pretty much spot on. And as I mentioned above the flavour is just fantastic.

Its super easy to coil and wick, you get that little coil tool as well, so if you don’t already have one you will find this invaluable. It works for all postless decks so long as you know what length the legs need to be to start with.

A couple of negative points worth a mention. I find that it is quite easy to over squonk the Elder Dragon. If you remove the top cap and watch while you squeeze the bottle you will see just how high the liquid level raises in the juice well. It will cover those air flow holes, and if you keep on squonking the inevitable it going to happen and it will leak. So if you are quite heavy handed when it comes to squonking this could be a problem for you.

My next downside…. it whistles! I’ve heard a couple of reviewers say it depends on how closed off the air flow holes are, but nope…. mine whistles no matter how the air flow holes are positioned, and this irritates the living daylights out of me! If I’m watching TV or have headphones in, then not so much of a problem, but if I’m just chilling on my laptop reading around the forums then ‘Aghhhh’ 


Will the Wotofo Elder Dragon be retired to the shelf? – Well, I really do like it, but I think it will be limited to only being used while I have other background sounds going on!

Ceekays Shack Score

Loving the easy coiling and the great flavour, but really niggled with the whistling so the Elder Dragon has to lose half a point for that (however if that doesn’t bother you can feel free to add it back on) I think to be fair it should also lose half a point for the easy over squonking that some folks might not be able to help. So the Wotofo Elder Dragon for me, scores a super 4/5


If 22mm RDA’s with great flavour is your kind of thing, then head on over to Wotofo’s official site and check out the Elder Dragon

Wotofo have designed and manufactured some amazing RDA’s, RTA’s & Mods, teaming up with some of the best vape reviewers. So why not pop over and see what else Wotofo have to offer

Add your thoughts on the Wotofo Elder Dragon in the comments below, or feel free to pop over to our forum.

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