Nikola Wolverine Review – Another Hero In The Making?

Those lovely folks over at sent me out the Nikola Wolverine so I could let you guys know my thoughts.

Nikola Wolverine Specs:

Size: 87.1mm*57mm*32.2mm
Material: Zinc Alloy & ABS material
Battery: Dual 18650 battery (not included)
Thread: 510
Output wattage: 7-230W
Output mode: KA, TC(Ni, Ti, SS316, TCR)
Max Output Current: 50uA
USB charging voltage and current: 5V/ 1.5A
Taste mode: Norm/ Soft/ Hard/ User
Memory mode: M1/M2/M3
Resistance range: TC mode:0.05s-1.0ohm; KA mode: 0.1-3ohm
Temp range: 100℃- 300℃, 200ºF -600ºF

In The Box:

1* Nikola Wolverine Box Mod
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual

Initial Thoughts on the Nikola Wolverine

After falling in love with the Nikola Medea a couple of months ago I was quite excited when Urvapin asked me if I wanted to review the Wolverine, that was until I actually saw it. The Wolverine is more of a mans mod! It’s big and chunky, and the colours aren’t fantastic, coming in black with red paint splatter (which I have) gunmetal, or army green, there’s nothing really feminine about any of them.

The branding is fairly simple, Made by Nikola on the bottom of the mod, and Wolverine etched into the edge is the branding on this heavy mod. The springy 510 pin will accommodate tanks up to around the 28mm mark, so that gives you some idea of how chunky the Wolverine actually is, but it is a little more narrow on the opposite edge. The chunky edge has a rubberised finish to the paint. I’m not even going to try and describe the pattern or design of the mod, but you can see on the photos.

For the weight and shape of the mod, it is actually surprisingly comfy to hold 


My fingers fit perfectly into the grooves, and the middle bit of my index finger lies across the button, making it easy to fire. You can hold it the other way round to fire with your thumb, but this isn’t as comfy for me.

The Nikola Wolverine Batteries & Buttons

The Wolverine is a twin battery mod, with a detachable battery cover. slide the battery cover off to one side, and you will see small battery direction markers next to the connectors. Look inside the battery tubes and there are larger direction indicators at the bottom in red. To slide the battery cover back on, just press down on the batteries and push the cover back over.

There is a micro USB port to the side of the adjustment buttons, and this will charge your batteries at up to 1.5A.

The fire button is raised, and slightly angled upwards, and is really comfy to press. The up and down adjustment buttons however, I’m really struggling to get to grips with! They are slightly angled, with the up button being on the right, and the down button being on the left. Looking at them, the up button is angled downwards, and the down button is angled upwards!…. And this really does confuse me. My brain automatically thinks the button on the upward slant should be the ‘up/plus’ button, it isn’t! 


The Wolverine Screen & Menu

The screen is a small and plain , showing volts and ohms, watts in large digits, and then underneath is user ramp up setting, wire type, a single battery icon with added battery %, and last of all memory mode.

I don’t intend to go fully into the menu settings and how to work them, but 3 clicks will highlight one option on screen, starting with ohms, and then the up and down buttons will scroll through the options, pressing the fire button will select the option. The Wolverine has all the usual temp control options, along with custom TCR and memory settings too.

5 Clicks will switch the Wolverine on and off, and it has all of the standard safety precautions built into the chip. Pressing both adjustment buttons together will lock the adjustment buttons but allow you to still vape. There is a downside to this locking feature and I will get to this at the end.

How does the Nikola Wolverine Vape

It works extremely well, I haven’t had any misfires at all, its happy to work with whatever tank or RDA I pop on top, it really does just keep going and going! I wouldn’t say it’s a super quick ramp up, but I also don’t find myself thinking about waiting for it to fire, so not as fast as some mods, but definitely not the slowest.

Battery run time also seems to be decent, but I have mainly used a 0.5ohm coil, so its not draining the power as fast as a super low build would.

Final Thoughts on the Nikola Wolverine.

Let’s face it, it’s not the best looking mod on the market, but I do find it very comfy to hold and use.  To be honest I see this mod as more of a workhorse than something you would want to show off to your vape buddies, but I have found one problem and that problem has caught me out several times over my ten or so days of using it… 


To lock the adjustment buttons as mentioned earlier, just press them both together. Now on other mods, it’s normally a long press of both buttons together, on the Nikola Wolverine, it locks as soon as you press them, it also ‘unlocks’ as soon as you press them… Maybe you can guess where I’m going with this.

Pop the Wolverine your pocket, and your guess is as good as anybodies what wattage it will come out at! A quick press of those adjustment buttons and the Wolverine is unlocked, it could go either way, but several times I have taken a 230w blast, and boy does it bl**dy hurt!! 


  In my opinion the lock on the Wolverine in pathetic! It really does spoil what would be a fantastic mod.

So, if the Wolverine is going to sit on your coffee table, computer desk or just be carried from room to room in your hand, yep it’s brilliant. If on the other hand you want to do what I do, fling it in your pocket and head off out for the day, then you really are dicing with death, well not death but a painful burnt throat! So if you do pop it in your pocket, or bag, or anywhere where those 2 buttons can be pushed (even if only for a fraction of a second) then either switch it off first, or at the very least check the wattage before you vape on it.

Will the Nikola Wolverine be retired to the shelf? –  Reading the above and anyone would think that I actually hate the Wolverine, I really don’t. For now I can see myself continuing to use it, maybe just around the house though!

Ceekays Shack Score

So, those adjustment buttons are the let down factor to the Wolverine, the up pointing down, and the down pointing up, and the silly lock feature… it has to lose a point for this (and my throat is screaming it should lose more, but it seems a shame to drop too many points for one problem, so from now on I will be switching it off before pocketing it!) but apart from that, it is a decent mod. So the Nikola Wolverine scores a super 4/5


Massive thank you to for sending this out, head over to their site and check out the
Nikola Wolverine mod – $60.90

What are your thoughts on the Nikola Wolverine? Comment below or pop over to our forum for a chat 🙂

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