The Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Review

I’m going to start this review by declaring my undying love for the Wotofo Profile RDA! Yes I truly-madly-deeply love that little guy, with his mesh coil and huge cotton heart! Seriously at this moment in time (and for the last few months) The Profile RDA has been the only RDA that I have used happily and with no problems.

So you can imagine my excitement when Wotofo contacted me to let me know they were sending the Profile Unity RTA! A tank version of the Profile! 


The Profile Unity RTA is a collaboration between Wotofo, MrJustRight1 and The Vapor Chronicles, and I was expecting nothing short of wonderful from this RTA!

Profile Unity RTA Specs:

Diameter: 25mm
Overall Height: 48.5mm
Threading: 510 thread
E-liquid Capacity: 3.5ml (5ml tube included)
Filling Method: Top filling
Coil Type: Mesh coil
Airflow Type: Adjustable side airflow
Insulator Material: German PEEK

Mesh Coil Specs (OFRF nexMESH):
Material: Kanthal A1
Size: 16*6.8mm (compatible with Profile RDA)
Resistance: 0.13ohm
Recommended Wattage: 60-70W

In The Box:

1pc Profile Unity RTA
1pc 5ml Glass Tube
1pc 5ml Tube Adapter
1pc User Manual
1pc Bending Tool
1pc Screw Driver
1bag nexMesh Coil (0.13 ohm)*2
1bag 6mm Agleted Cotton*1
1bag Extra Orings & Screws, Springs

Agleted Organic Cotton
100% Organic
Diameter: 6mm (compatible with Profile RDA)

Initial Thoughts on The Profile Unity RTA

So the Profile RDA isn’t anything special to look at, yes it’s nice, but it’s plain and simple. The Profile Unity RTA however has a little bit of styling going on.

I got the blue one (same as my RDA) and it has some turret kind of design going on around the top cap and the base. It comes in 2 sizes, 3.5ml and 5ml. Wotofo do state that a silicone adapter can  be fitted to the tank to bring it in-line with our absolutely ridiculous EU laws!! But guess what…. yeah I’m not doing that. So I added the chimney adapter to my 3.5ml set-up and tuned it into a nice 5ml tank 


The mouthpiece has a standard 810 fitting, and it is a bit of a chunky thing, nice and thick resin means it shouldn’t heat up while vaping at higher wattages and burn your lips. It does have quite a narrow centre air passage, and you can read why over on Wotofos site using the link below, but apparently it has been tested to provide the best flavour. However, you can swap it out for a favourite mouthpiece of your own if you wish.

Now I’m not going to try and explain everything that the Profile Unity RTA has going on, instead I’m going to direct you over to the Wotofo Site and let those guys explain, and then I’ll let you know my thoughts once you’ve brushed up on the technical details.

Profile Unity Blog and tech details

To start with I don’t understand what this deck-chamber linkage thingy is for? Something to do with making sure the airflow stays correctly on the coil… I don’t know, but what I do know is that you can’t screw the top back onto the deck while the deck is a attached to a mod, atty stand, ohm reader etc. You need to remove the deck to get that top back on.

The tongue and groove top cap is a fantastic idea, nice and simple to remove, and to lock back on.

The Deck – Mesh and Wicking

So the Unity RTA deck follows the same principles as the RDA, apart from Wotofo do state that the RTA is a mesh only deck (unless you are a super coil builder than can somehow fit a unique and master crafted wire coil in there! Let’s face it, us simple vapers are probably not even going to attempt this) 

So the mesh clamps in at the side (same as the RDA) and it is easier if you use the tool that Wotofo provide for curving that mesh into the shape you need. If you decide not to use it, you will probably end up with creased or pointed mesh rather than nicely curved, but the choice as always is yours!

Take your huge piece of agleted cotton (or whatever cotton you prefer) and thread it through, and then ‘Follow these images’ Don’t think that you can just cut the cotton any old how! You will either get leaking or trouble with wicking.

Images courtesy of Wotofo

Now I’m going to be totally honest here, I have struggled with this wicking. The first time I wicked it, I filled the tank, and Niagra falls had nothing on the Profile Unity RTA!! Seriously my tank was empty in 5 seconds, my mod sat in a nice pool of cinnamon Danish liquid on the coffee table.

Image courtesy of Wotofo

So I tried again…. although it wasn’t quite as bad, I’m still getting leaking when I first fill the tank.
Now personally the amount of cotton that you get with Wotofos agleted wicking is hard to work with. With the RDA it’s not so bad as you don’t have to seat it into the wick slots so it hangs to the deck.

So I had a third try with some cotton bacon, and using slightly less than Wotofo’s agleted 6mm cotton I think I managed loads better. I get a tiny bit of leakage when the tank is filled, but not the waterfall action that I was getting on my first two attempts.

So two bits of advice, do cut the cotton as Wotofo advise, and do close the airflow when filling the tank.

How does the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Vape?

So, of course the flavour is amazing, although to be perfectly honest I can’t tell any difference between this new OFRF nexMESH and the old mesh. Maybe the flavour lasts for longer without the need to dry burn, or maybe the mesh will just last for longer over-all, although I get weeks and weeks out of the old stuff.

I’m vaping this at 60w, and it’s a cool flavourful vape with masses of vapour. I’m vaping with the airflow fully open and it is really airy, closing the airflow down for me just makes the vape warmer, and I’m not too keen, I’d rather have the airflow open to the max.

Turning the wattage up to 70w and the difference is not really vastly noticable, warmer and of course more vapour, but I’m more than happy at 60w.

Final Thoughts on the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA

I love it! Whether I can grow to love it as much as the RDA remains to be seen as it does have a ‘finicky’ quality about it with the wicking process, however once it is set-up without leaking it really does work extremely well.

It looks great, sleek and clean, the top cap smoothly locks into place every time after filling. The base and deck however on mine does seem quite crunchy while screwing it together, not sure if anyone else has the same feel to their tank and would be interested to hear others thoughts, so please do let me know in the comments.

The flavour via the mesh coil is just amazing, and the actual process of fitting the mesh coil is the easiest coil you will ever fit in your whole vaping existence! (unless you’re just screwing in a stock coil, nothing is quite as easy as that)

The only real downside I can mention is that it is quite awkward to get that wicking just right, and if you don’t get it right it will leak like a sieve through the airflow holes 


Will the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA be retired to the shelf? – Absolutely not! This will join my daily use kit and be used with some of my dessert flavours as it really does tantalize the tastebuds!

Ceekays Shack Score

Ok so I have to minus half a point for the fiddly wicking and needing to get it spot on, that really could put some of the newer RTA users off wicking for life! But I wanted to fall in love with the Profile Unity RTA and I have to say it didn’t disappoint me in the slightest! Wotofo have done it again by releasing yet another fantastic product and the Profile Unity RTA scores a fantastic 4.5/5


UPDATE! – 11/04/2019

I really just wanted to update my thoughts on the Wotofo Unity after getting a couple of comments from vapers about the leaking issue. This was my reply to the comments, and the way I stand with the Unity at the moment!:

I also seem to be struggling with getting the wicking just spot on now, I think when it does happen it has to be an absolute fluke. Since doing the review I have managed to wick it correctly twice, all other tries have left me with liquid literally running out of the airflow.
I’m seriously starting to think that Wotofo should have designed this with top air flow…. Looking around the inner workings of the tank, I can’t see any way to stop the leaking.

For now, at least until someone comes out with a video to show a fix for this, unfortunately mine has been retired to the shelf 🙁

So if you want to get yourself one of these fantastic new tanks from Wotofo (and I really think you should) then head on over to Wotofo’s site and pick up the  Profile Unity RTA in one of the six stunning colours for  $39.99.

What do you think of Wotofo’s latest addition to the vaping world? Leave your comments below, or head over to our forum.

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17 Replies to “The Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Review”

  1. My first attempt was spot on./
    2nd/3rd/ got worse
    So i wick it without the coil locked down and simply roll my cotton.

  2. The flavor is real good on mine if you did not expect it to be as good as the rda version. Due to the further distance from the mesh to the drip tip, it is not quite as good. I have yet to be able to get it to stop leaking every time I fill or re-fill the tank. It loses about a mil of juice every time I take the top cap off. I fear if I actually put enough cotton to stop that it will dry hit. I have had 1 dry hit on the profile, and it made a lasting impression. I could not give it a 4.5 due to the wicking issues. The last re-wicking I put a lot more cotton in the wicking channel…still it leaks a good bit every fill or re-fill. On a 5 point scale, with the profile being a 5, I would give it 3.5. Subtracted half point for the less flavor, and a full point for leaking. To be fair, I have never had great success with any RTA. I have great success with RDA’s, but RTA’s might just not be my forte!

    1. Hi Miles, thanks for your comments. I also seem to be struggling with getting the wicking just spot on now, I think when it does happen it has to be an absolute fluke. Since doing the review I have managed to wick it correctly twice, all other tries have left me with liquid literally running out of the airflow.
      I’m seriously starting to think that Wotofo should have designed this with top air flow…. Looking around the inner workings of the tank, I can’t see any way to stop the leaking.
      For now, at least until someone comes out with a video to show a fix for this, mine has been retired to the shelf 🙁 I just don’t like wasting the amount of eliquid it takes to get this right!

  3. Hey, I just found out why it leaks after being filled, and it had nothing to do with the way I was wicking it. The problem is that with the rubber gasket in the top cap, it was pushing the juice through the wick when putting the cap on. If you have one, and it leaks after filling it, leave a little space at the top of the tank, a couple of millimeters is enough. Otherwise the top cap acts like a plunger, and the space will be there anyway after the cap pushes liquid through the wick.

  4. I have same issues as you guys with this leaking part. Yes, don’t fill it till edge, leave some room and all other suggestions are also spot on. I got it leak proof after 10+ times trial and error. Aromamizer stile like for example Digiflavor Themis MESH is actually easier to wick. But the mesh style is really way to go. If you are lazy, then use Smok mesh coils instead with compatible clearos 😀

  5. I only had it leak a few times just make sure it looks like the picture with parallel lines. You can’t leave too much cotton, it won’t close if you do. Ensure there in no cotton past the rails. When filling close the air holes. I use three pieces of fire bolt cotton. I pull to the end and cut at an angle. There is still room to get two wicks out of the three pieces. Fluff and tuck.

  6. Has for wicking and coiling!!!
    I use vandy vape mesh reel not the recommended s/it.
    And any cotton .
    Lock one end in on the coil , peel back to place your cotton .#
    Roll it first like a cig ,,not tight though

  7. I love mine i had the same issue with wicking at first… Then i used cotton bacon and used about 3/4 of a strip of cotton .. Cut like they said .. I almost never get leaks now and NEVER get dry hits at 70… And i fill my tank all the way up .. If you go to YouTube there are a couple of vids that will show you a couple of ways to wick …

  8. I am really confused with my unity. At first I wicked it up and it was great changed out the wicks a couple times over the last month in a half or so but I just tried to re-wick it this time and I wasted a half a bottle of juice as I fill it up and every bit of my juice leaks out the air holes within seconds. I am doing it the same way as every other time I have re wicked it other than my 3 ml glass broke and i switched it to the long mode! I have tried to re-wick it 3 times now and it is the same thing over and over again and I am not sure what I am supposed to do.

    1. Sounds like the larger glass might be the problem. I swapped the glass out for the larger one as soon as I received mine. I have to be honest mine is still on the shelf, it might be worth swapping back to the smaller glass and seeing how I get on. Could you perhaps purchase a new 3ml glass?

  9. I had this leaking issue on the profile unity and I think I know what it is. When you do the wicking make sure you can see the mesh coil through the airholes and not the cotton. Because if the cotton is facing the airholes I noticed that’s why it could be leaking after filling up the tank. When I see the mesh coil through the airholes now it didn’t seem to leak at all. I hope this helped anyone having this issue try it and see if it works.

  10. I’m not sure about the previous comment I made. I forgot to mention that I wicked it with 3 cotton strips and that’s what I would say helped stop the leaking. So then you’ll be able to enjoy puffing away.

  11. I absolutely love mine! I’ve never in my life fixed a coil rda or rta and I had no trouble at all, I just followed the instructions and watched a few videos and I found it to be easy and without any problem! I give it 5 stars !

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