Wismec Tinker Review

This was sent to me by one of our old sponsors, and I’ve only just got round to having a little play with it. So this isn’t going to be a full review, but more of a ‘quick look around’ the Tinker, and a few thoughts on the mod.

Thanks to Vapesourcing for your sponsorship over the last 12 months, and this is the Wismec Tinker.

Initial Thoughts On The Wismec Tinker

So the Tinker is a triple 18650 battery mod, that can reach 300w! The last triple battery mod I owned was the very first Realeaux… I took it out of the box, popped the batteries in, took them back out, put it back in the box and sold it! The weight of 3 batteries in a mod just isn’t for me, and it wasn’t comfy to hold either.

So the Tinker is inspired by a classic Nike sport shoe! What the?….. 


Since when did vaping have anything at all to do with trainers/sneakers. And yes I can see similarities in the lines and design, but I don’t see the point (just my humble opinion)

So the overall look is ok, it has a kind of rubberized inlay below the grip section and unfortunately this seems to have been cut a little skew-whiffed… it doesn’t line up properly with the outer section which I do find kind of annoying, it’s only a very small gap but I know it’s there. Adding a pic so you can see how chunky it is in the hand too!

The 510 will take a tank up to 25mm, anything bigger will have an overhang at the front of the Tinker.

Battery Cover & Buttons

The battery cover is nice and solid, it has a sliding tongue and groove kind of fastening which is great and it does feel solid, there are no rattles once the batteries are installed. The battery tubes are clearly marked at the bottom, and also on the battery door which way the batteries should be inserted.

The fire button is square made from black plastic, and it has a circular design on it. It is raised and nice and easy to find without having to look down at the mod. The adjustment buttons are made from the same material as the fire button and have a dimpled effect.

The Wismec Tinker Screen

The screen is a 0.96inch OLED colour screen. It’s too small! I’m sorry but the colours are nice, the layout on the screen is nice, but it would be so much better if the screen was just a little bigger! Luckily I can see the numbers, but the words that label the numbers, I do have to squint to see them


The Wismec Tinker Menu

Ok you have all the normal settings, wattage, temp control, TCR, and the menu is very easy to navigate. 3 clicks will get you in, and then you have the choice of setting the mode, or you can go into the mod settings and set the date & time, alter the standby time, check the status of each battery and so on. The main point is the ease of use with this menu, it really is nice and simple to move from one selection to the next, and you shouldn’t need to check the manual each time you want to change something once you’ve had a little play around with it.

One thing that needs a mention – If you intend to use the Tinker in temp mode, make sure you change that wattage before you start vaping. Wismec have it set at 300w! And 300w in temp mode is more than likely going to fry your coil along with your throat, followed by you lungs! Not Good Wismec!! So to change the wattage in temp mode, go into mod settings and look for power, this is where you will adjust that wattage setting to whatever you wish it to be when you are using temperature control.

To lock the coil in temp mode is again nice and simple, pick your choice of coil material, come out of the mode selection and into the settings menu, and you will see a little padlock icon, click on this. Job done!

Press both adjustment buttons together and this will lock those adjustment buttons while still allowing you to vape, so fab for when you want to pop the Tinker in your pocket.

The Wismec Tinker also has lots of built in safety features, big thumbs up for those!

Final Thoughts on the Wismec Tinker

Well all I can actually say is that for me, it’s a shame it’s a triple battery mod. The design is nice, it’s actually quite comfy to hold even though it’s a chunky mod, it’s just the weight that is really going to stop me from using it.

It does feel like a quality piece of vape gear, and of course being triple battery the run time is going to be great if you use at lower wattages. Although if you’re using at 300w (seriously does anyone vape at 300w?? Does anyone even vape at 200w?) well then I can imagine you will get much less time between recharges.

The downsides for me, definitely the weight of 3 batteries, and although the screen is nice and colourful, its just not quite big enough.

One more thing that really irritates me! The Reuleaux logo on the top of the mod is off centre!! It’s slightly more to one side and this is so annoying, surely Wismec could place the blummin logo in the centre…. Why make such a rookie QC mistake??   


Will the Wismec Tinker be retired to the shelf? –  It will be back in it’s box and on the next bus outta  here! Too heavy 


Ceekays Shack Score

I’m not deducting points for the weight, if you purchase one of these you will be aware that 3 batteries are going to be quite hefty. I am however going to minus half a point for the crammed info on the small screen. Overall though the Wismec Tinker is a great mod and it scores a sporting 4.5/5


If you fancing picking up a Wismec Tinker, then you can find them here for $47.90 – Farewell to Vapesourcing.com you guys have been great!

Please do check out our sponsors on the right hand side, and the next review will be a wireless charging mod from our new sponsors, Elegomall.com!

What are your thoughts on the newest version of the Reuleaux? Leave your comments below or pop over to our forum.

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