ECOFRI Gear Box Mod Review

A massive thanks to our newest sponsor for sending me out the Gearbox 200w box mod to have a look over. The main point that caught my eye with this mod was the ‘Wireless charging’ option! Hmmm new innovation… but how does it perform? Lets see.

Gearbox Specs:

Edge-to-edge IML panel, fit in palm of hand perfectly
Knob button design, easy to operate 
VM OMIN chip supports wireless 1.5A fast charging
2.5A quick charging save time
OLED screen display
Size: 26 x 55 x 92mm
Battery: Dual 18650
Working Voltage: 6.4-8.4V
Charging Current: 2.5A
Temperature: 2100℃~300℃
Wireless Charging: 1.5A(10W)

In The Box:

1 x Gear Box Mod 
1 x USB Cable
1 x Wireless Charger
1 x User Manual

Initial Impressions

So the Ecofri Gear Box Mod comes pretty well packaged (but don’t all mods these days!) And my first look at the mod left me quite impressed, it’s actually not a bad looking mod at all. I really like the gunmetal finish on the edges, and this also looks like its lacquered too giving it a bit of extra protection from knocks and scratches.

The side panels are really nice to look at, it has a bit of a resin look to it, but I have a feeling its more of a plastic material than resin. It has a lovely swirly black green and blue design, and it does remind me a little bit of a peacock feather colouring. One side panel can be removed and this houses your twin 18650 batteries. The panel fixes on with 3 nice strong magnets, and there’s no play in that side panel at all once it’s clicked into place.

There is a nice springy 510 on the top that will house tanks up to around, I’m going to guess at 26mm. And there is a star design around the that 510 plate.

The Gear Box Mod Features:

It has a small OLED screen, and the fire button (nice and clicky) sits above. There are no adjustment buttons, because you have a twisty gear type wheel on the side of the mod. This rotates clockwise and anticlockwise and this is your adjustment gear (up and down) A long press in the middle of the wheel will take you in to the menu, where you have all of the normal mode settings for temp control, power, bypass etc.

Changing the power for temp mode is super easy, select the coil type mode, Ti, Ni, SS, press the centre of the wheel to confirm choice, the mod automatically then takes you to the power setting in that temperature mode. Nice and simple.

3 clicks on the fire button will lock the mod, however it also locks the fire button…. extremely annoying and I will explain more about this in my final thoughts. 5 clicks, same as always switches the mod on and off.

One of the main selling points for the Gear Box is that it comes with a wireless charging pad. So you can just lie the mod onto the pad, with the gear wheel facing downwards and it will charge your batteries with super fast 2.5A charging technology. There is also a mini USB port under the screen and the batteries can also be charged this way too (bear in mind if charging via USB you cannot vape while the mod is charging)  Or if you’re like me, you’ll just use a dedicated charger…

The Gear Box mod also boasts an OMNI chip which many vapers are raving over.

Ecofri Gear Box Mod Performance:

I have mainly been using this mod in power mode, and it does hit pretty damn hard. The power to the coil is instant, there is no ramp up, its just there, which is impressive. However when I have tried to use the Gear Box in temp SS mode, it just doesn’t seem to work right. I can’t get a decent vape from it at all. Even with the temp on full 300C, and the wattage set at around 40w for a 0.5ohm coil I only get slight wisps of vapour. The wattage can be seen going from 40w and then dropping straight down to 1w and staying there… very strange behaviour indeed (unless it’s my coil, I do tend to use SS coils on power mode, but don’t have any Ti or Ni to check it with)

Using on power mode it’s an absolute star! No problems what so ever.

Final Thoughts on the Ecofri Gear Box Mod.

Well the overall look of the Gear Box is very nice, the colours on the panel I find really quite stunning, and along with the gunmetal grey of the edges, it really does hit the spot looks wise.

Comfort for holding, well… it’s ok. It’s actually quite a chunky mod, a real typical box mod. So while it’s not uncomfortable to hold as the edges are slightly rounded, it’s not the feel of pure comfort either. Bigger hands will be much better when it comes to holding the Gear Box.

The menu is nice and easy to use, there are limited things you can do, as in you can’t change the screen layout, or alter what is displayed, but this keeps using the Gear Box relatively simple.

The wireless charging feature I think is gimmicky, to be honest I’m not really sure I would trust a wireless charging a mod. The innovation is of course fantastic, it’s always great to see mod manufacturers coming up with new tech for vape mods.

My main complaint with the Gear Box mod (and many other mods for that matter) Why Can’t I just lock the adjustment gear knob? Why does it also lock the fire button. This is soooo annoying. The gear wheel is great, makes a change from adjustment buttons, but it’s so easy to accidentally turn it, even just while picking it up!! Luckily it doesn’t turn it up or down by much, but I’m constantly having to reset my wattage to what I initially set it on! It hasn’t been a throat burning problem, but it is driving me nuts! I would much rather 3 clicks just lock the adjustment wheel, so I can still vape without worrying about catching the wheel and altering the wattage!

The temp control feature not working correctly also deserves a mention in the complaints section. I don’t use temp mode much now days, but others do, what if they purchased The Gear Box to use in temp mode!! Happy vapers they wouldn’t be!

I have seen a couple of people on Youtube make small complaints videos about the mod not recognizing drippers and tanks, giving errors when attaching tanks,  auto-firing (even when the mod is switched off!) So yes I know that all mods will have an occasional bad one in a batch, but these are some things to be aware of and keep an eye out for.

Will the Ecofri Gear Box be retired to the shelf? – As much I do like this mod, and want to say that I will use it daily, I really think that the gear wheel being accidentally turned is going to make me scream and throw it to the back of the shelf before the week is done! Sorry….

Ceekays Shack Score

So first of all, huge congrats to Ecofri for the wireless charging innovation (watch the market now become flooded with all mods having the wireless charging tech!) but… it has to lose half a point for the locking function not just locking the adjustment wheel. And of course it has to lose a point for the temp mode being weird. In fact if you soley use temp mode, you may want to minus more points! But, for me the Ecofri Gear Box 200w mod scores a decent 3.5/5!


If you fancy picking up one of these Ecofri mods, head over to Elegomall and get your Gear Box Mod for $59.99 (apparently you can login to get a better price!)

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4 Replies to “ECOFRI Gear Box Mod Review”

  1. Well not exactly a new innovation vaporshark rdna was able to wirelessly charge years ago so it’s really an old idea.

    1. Sorry to hear that Bill, unfortunately mine went to the shelf after the review. So the only complaints I had were the ones that I mentioned.

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