Eleaf iStick Rim & Melo 5 Tank – Reviewed!

A huge thank you to Eleaf for sending me out the latest in the line of iStick products, the Rim. This comes paired as a kit with the Melo 5 tank.

The iStick Rim is a 3000mAh internal battery 80w mod, and with the slogan ‘Color your life’ on the Eleaf website, yep you guessed it, there are a couple of wacky designs in the mix. 

iStick Rim & Melo 5 specs

Size: 30.3*36.0*133.0mm
Weight: 187.4g
liquid capacity: 4ml/2ml
Battery capacity: 3000mAh
Output wattage: 80W max
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
Colors: Rainbow, Wildness, Macaron, E-Green, Darkness, Maze

In The Box

1* iStick Rim Battery
1* MELO 5 Atomizer
1* EC-S 0.6ohm Head
1* EC-M 0.15ohm Head
1* QC3.0 USB Cable
2* User Manuals
Spare Parts

Initial Impressions on the iStick Rim

So I was pretty shocked by the colour and design when I first opened the box, it’s not what you could call a pretty mod, but it did kind of grow on me over the next couple of minutes. I got the E-green one, it has a scaly pattern, but catch it in the light and you can see a blue sheen over the top 


The edges, trims and Melo tank are black, which is a little disappointing when you see that some of the other designs have a silver trim and tank, but that’s just my personal preference (never been keen on black on mods and tanks, I prefer ‘shiny’!)

The material on the sides of the Rim is IML – ‘In Moulding Label’ Eleaf claim that this is an advanced surface tech that keeps the colour brighter and lasting for longer, Fab! On one edge you have a rubber panel, which does help with grip as the IML is super smooth.

iStick Rim features

Battery – As I mentioned before the Rim has a 3000mAh internal battery that can be charged via a C type usb lead (port can be found on the bottom of the mod, so no standing it up while its charging) Eleaf claim that the Rim can be charged in 40 minutes, but I really don’t think mine charged that fast (I keep meaning to time it, but I plug it in and then forget) maybe you need a fast charge plug (like my son has for his phone, this also charges via C type usb) but I don’t have one, so I think it’s taking longer, but really not sure (it is fast, but I’m not sure it’s 40 minutes fast! )


…. I should time it!! I will try and remember and then update this at a later date.

Screen & Menu – The screen is small and basic, displaying watts, ohms and then you can choose from time, puff count, or volts.

Pressing up and fire will enter the menu, and the menu is Eleafs little icon system, which I still haven’t processed to memory, so for me it’s a matter of going through each one to see what it does 


You can lock the adjustment buttons by holding the up and down button together, and you can still vape while it’s locked. This for me is brilliant! 


No scorched throat from popping the mod in my pocket and accidentally pressing the up button while it’s in there!

There is no temp control with the iStick Rim, it’s basic power only, which to be honest doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I rarely use temp control these days so power mode only keeps everything nice and simple. However, the Rim has new ‘Smart Dry-Burn Protection’… What is this you ask? – Eleaf State:

With the continuous upgrade of the chip, the dry-burn protection is added in the iStick Rim. It is based on auto temperature control technology which can perfectly avoid dry-burn issue and protect your taste.

Buttons – These are made of black plastic, and they’re ok, nothing to rant or rave over. The adjustments buttons are below the screen, well away from the fire button so you won’t accidentally press them while pressing the fire button. All 3 buttons are raised from the surface of the mod, and nice and easy to locate and press, so you really shouldn’t have any trouble using them. If anything the adjustment buttons may be a little on the small side for vapers that struggle with dexterity in their fingers.

510 Pin –  The 510 is springy pin, but quite solid. And the Rims 510 platform will accommodate tanks up to around 26mm.

The Melo 5 Features

So the Melo 5 is a direct lung inhale tank even though the air can be closed right down to extremely restricted, you really won’t want to close it down too much, even with 0.6ohm coil, you’re still going to need a fair bit of air reaching that coil. Fully open and the air flow is very airy!

The Melo 5 is a top filling tank, with a great safety feature. To fill the tank you need to pull the top cap upwards and slide it over. There is an arrow on the edge of that top cap to show you which way to push. The filling hole is covered by a silicone layer that has a split, push the nozzle through the silicone to fill, and do it slowly. I squeezed the bottle a little too fast and drenched everything in liquid!

The Rim has yet another new coil! – Eleaf state on their site (yep I’m going to let them explain the coil!) –

The Melo 5 tank utilizes new EC SS316L mesh coil, the EC-S 0.6ohm Head. Having a mesh structure, the EC-S coil is heated more quickly and evenly than normal coils. With the SS316L as its material, the EC-S 0.6ohm Head supports dry-burn protection based on the auto temperature control function.

The iStick Rim & Melo 5 kit Performance.

I started off with the 0.6ohm coil and at 32 watts the flavour is great, you  get a decent amount of vapour, but any more than 32w and I find the coil can’t quite keep up. That’s ok though as I’m not chasing any clouds, and I do prefer a cooler vape.

Same kind of scenario with the 0.15ohm coil, 50w is perfect for me, but take it over 65-70w, and again I find it struggles with my ‘chain vaping’ style.

The Rim itself performs really well, no misfires, no problems of any kind at all. I did find that the battery doesn’t really last as long as I thought it would, even at 30w I only get around 3 to 4 hours out of it before needing a recharge. You can vape whilst it charges though so that’s a bonus.

I tried a couple of different tanks on top, and there are no complaints from the iStick Rim at all, he happily powered anything I paired him with 


Final Thoughts on the iStick Rim & Melo 5 Kit

I love it! Ok so it doesn’t look like the best mod ever (the Macaron design would suit my style better!) But it’s amazingly comfy to hold, it feels so nice in the hand, really smooth and the button placement for me is perfect to fire with my thumb.

It’s a great size too, not too big that it feels over-chunky in my hand, but not that small that it’s hard to hold (let’s face it gone are the days of the Ego-C and other pen style devices!) Personally I wish it had a larger battery, but that would mean a larger mod.

It works brilliantly, and the coil does give a great vape with some top notch flavour.  I honestly cannot find anything bad about this kit.

The Rim kit would suit brand new vapers, intermediate vapers, and old timers like myself! The pure simplicity of a power (watts) only mod makes this a great kit for all of the above.

Will the iStick Rim & Melo 5 be retired to the shelf? – The Rim, no! Definitely not, this will be great for a couple of hours shopping, or even just for driving out on a photography trip. Obviously not a day trip kind of mod as the battery won’t last long enough, but yes, I can see myself using this on a daily basis. The Melo 5, yes unfortunately that will sit of the shelf. I prefer my rebuildable tanks, I haven’t purchased stock coils for months now, and really don’t want to go back down that road.

Ceekays Shack Score

If the battery run time or the charging port on the bottom of the mod irritates you enough, you may want to minus a point? Although these are little niggles, they don’t bother me enough to deduct points from the final score. So Congrats to Eleaf! The iStick Rim & Melo 5 scores a fantastic 5/5!


If you fancy picking up an iStick Rim kit for yourself, or buying one as a gift for a loved one or friend, head over to the official Eleaf site and check out the full details or you can Pre-order the iStick Rim & Melo 5 Kit for around $80-$100. Or just hang on until the Rim hits your local B&M or online stores.

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6 Replies to “Eleaf iStick Rim & Melo 5 Tank – Reviewed!”

  1. I need replacement piece for eleaf istick melo 4 that is the silicone in the filling hole where you add vape juice. I don’t know what they are called to be able to order.

    1. Hi Robin, I have no idea what that piece is called either! I have searched eleaf.com and .uk and several other sites and I can’t find it on any of them, so I’m not sure you can even purchase that part.
      Did you not get a spare in the box?

        1. It looks like that may be the case, bit of a pain though as you purchase spare o-rings, you would think these would be classed as spare parts too. Why don’t you contact Eleaf UK and see if someone there can help.

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