The Augvape VX200 Review – Cheap & Cheerful?

So Todays review is on the Augvape VX200 box mod, a simple looking dual 18650 mod that packs quite a punch. This was sent to me by, so a huge shout out and thank you to those guys n gals over there! 

Augvape VX200 Specs:

Material: ABS+PC plastic
Size: 87.5*45*29.2mm
Standby current: < 100 μA
Power range: 5-200 W
Voltage range: 0.2-7.2 V
Resistance range: 0.05-3.0Ω
Output current : 40 A
Working efficiency: 94%

In The Box

1x VX200 Box Mod
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Initial Thoughts on the Augvape VX200

So my first thoughts when I opened the box was how plain the mod is. Removing it from the box was quite a shocker, there is just no weight to VX200 mod what so ever! Seriously lightweight! 😮

The front and back panels are a kind of see through black plastic, the sides are a dark grey plastic. The bottom and top, yep you guessed it… plastic. So if you want something lightweight this will be perfect. It does however give it a cheap kind of feel.

The only real branding on the mod is ‘Augvape’ in large lettering down one side, and then ‘Designed by Augvape’ on the bottom. The larger lettering may feel a bit obtrusive to some people, although once the mod is in your hand you can’t see it (and neither will anyone else) So it’s not as bad as say, the Drag for instance!

Holding the Augvape VX200 is lovely! It’s a really comfy mod, no sharp edges, nice and rounded on the sides, and the plastic on the back and front is lovely and smooth. 

The VX200 won’t win any beauty contests, but if you’re looking for something plain then this could be for you.

Augvape VX200 Features

Battery –  So as mentioned before the Augvape VX200 is a dual 18650 mod. The back of the mod will just lift off if you get your nail under one edge, and there is a little cut away section where you can do this. The back is held in place by 2 fairly strong magnets, but be warned if you drop it (or knock it off the table) that back does come flying off and your batteries will bounce across the floor. Yep I’ve done that twice already! A little annoying thing, you can push the back from side to side while you’re holding it, there is a little play there. The battery direction is indicated by symbols + and – at each end, and there is a ribbon to help with battery removal.

Buttons – The the fire button is actually a panel on the side of the mod, it will only fire when pressed on the top 1/4 of the panel. But it’s a comfy button to press and it works with more of a squeeze action than a press to be honest, but it does feel very natural.
The adjustment buttons can be found under the screen, nicely shaped and slightly protruding from the body of the mod, and quite clicky too.

510 – The 510 plate is centered on the mod and will accommodate tanks up to around 26mm, you might be able to go a little bit more at a push, but I think if you get up to 28mm you’re going to notice some overhang. The 510 pin is nice and springy, and I’ve had no problem with any tanks I’ve connected.

– The screen sits underneath the see through plastic on the front, and it’s a  speedometer kind of design like you can find on a few mods these days. Watts, volts whatever its set on can be found in the centre, and there is a draw timer that counts up around the outside. Two battery icons can be found at the bottom of the screen. The digits in the middle are nice and big, but unfortunately for me the rest of the digits and lettering are really small. I also find myself wishing that I could turn up the brightness as it does seem quite dull, take it outside and on a bright day you won’t be able to see it.

Menu – So the Augvae VX200 has quite an in depth (but simple to use) menu, 3 clicks will take you into the mode settings where you will find wattage, temp control, volts (this is a bit of a blast from the past these days, but there are people that still prefer the simplicity of variable voltage vaping) Bypass mode, settings and information. If you select information it will show you full puff count, average watts, joules and total time (first time I have ever seen this on a mod)

If you select settings this will take you into a further menu where you can adjust cut-off time, auto mode, and adjust the colours on the screen. It gives you several preset colours to choose from, or you can go one step further and access a full colour palette where you can fine tune any colours you wish!

So for a cheap mod the Augvape VX200 does everything you could want it to, and a little more besides.  The one thing you can’t do is lock the adjustment buttons! Why?! 


This is a real deal-breaker for me, something as simple as a lock feature to stop the power adjusting when you pop the mod in your pocket! Several times I have taken a 200w blast from the Augvape VX200 when I’ve taken it out of my pocket. I know, I could switch it off with 5 clicks, but that to me is a pain in the *ss, I want to be able to take the mod out of my pocket and vape, not wait for the mod to boot up….

How Does The Augvape VX200 Perform?

So on wattage mode it’s absolutely fantastic, it just happily plows along supplying power to your coil. You have normal, soft and hard modes, I tend to keep mine on normal and it does the job nicely, obviously if you set it on hard you will have a faster ramp up, soft and it will be much calmer.

I did try the VX200 on SS temp mode, and while you can lock the resistance of the coil, I couldn’t find a way to alter the power setting. Press the fire button and you can see the power flicking up and down, but I can’t find a way to set that upper limit. It was starting on around 51w which was way too powerful for my coil, and even at 200c I was getting an excruciatingly hot vape.  I checked the manual and it really doesn’t give any detailed instructions, check the website, clicked on support, and nothing happens…. so I assumed that the power just can’t be altered in temp mode, and I set it back to Wattage mode. 


Augvape state that the VX200 comes with longer battery life due to using less wire, apparently the current doesn’t have to travel as far meaning your batteries should last for longer. I don’t get how that could make a difference (electronics aren’t my strong point) but my batteries do seem to last for longer than when they’re in some other mods, so that’s a real bonus for me.

Final Thoughts on the Augvape VX200

Good Points – It’s a lightweight and extremely comfy mod to hold. It really does feel great in your hand, The fire panel is easy to press with either your thumb or fingers, so it doesn’t matter which hand you hold it with, or which way round the mod is placed.

Once the batteries are installed it doesn’t actually feel quite as cheap as when you first take it out of the box.

The menu has plenty going on, and is nice and easy to navigate. Everything in the menu is pretty much self explanatory, assume that if you can’t find something then the VX200 doesn’t do it!

The fact that it’s not complicated to use means it’s suitable for newer vapers as well as established vapers too.

Bad Points
– That blummin’ battery door moving side to side drives me nuts! Even though it clicks into place and you think it’s solid, unfortunately it’s not.

Not being able to lock the adjustment buttons! Come on, seriously. How hard can it be to add that to the menu or chip? Something as simple as pressing both adjustment buttons for 3 seconds?…. 


Temp control, I need to be able to set a maximum wattage. I don’t vape at super high wattages and being able to set that upper limit means I could use temp control if I wanted too. 

Not really a bad point but the mod is a total finger print magnet, the shiny plastic really does pick up those paw prints, so you may want to keep a polishing cloth handy if this kind of thing sets off your OCD!

Will the Augvape VX200 be retired to the shelf? – It really is a cheap and cheerful mod and I do enjoy using it, maybe it will be used around the house, but popping it in my pocket isn’t Ceekay friendly! But, when all said and done the VX200 is probably not going into retirement just yet.

Ceekays Shack Score

So the Augvape VX200 has to lose half a point each for the three niggles mentioned above, battery door, temp control and no locking buttons, but overall it’s ok for wattage vaping. So the VX200 scores a decent 3.5/5


If you fancy getting your mitts on this cheap and cheerful mod from Augvape, head over to our sponsors and pick up your VX200 for $37.99 and once you login apparently you get a better price!

Leave your thoughts on the Augvape VX200 below, or you can stop by our forum and chat with other vapers.

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