Fogstar Batteries – 5 Star Customer Service!

I don’t normally make these kind of blog posts, but I feel that Fogstar really do deserve a shout out for the customer service I received this week.

This week started like any other, approving comments, checking stats on the sites, chatting with members on the forum, reading emails. I noticed an email from Fogstar with an attractive little discount code inside for the Bank Holiday. Now I have needed new batteries for a while now, some of mine are so old they are almost ready to draw their pension and go to a recycling bucket far far away!

So I headed over to Fogstar and to cut a long story short, I ordered 6 Candy Skull 18650’s, a couple of 16350’s (my 16350’s are 8 years old and certainly not capable of running most of todays low ohm coils!) and a pack of battery wraps, as a couple of my batteries are in need of a new outfit!

Fast forward a couple of days later and this arrives through my door!

Oh yes! Royal Mail does apologize that something seems to have happened to my package! No Kidding! So my package goes from Fogstar to Royal Mail and on to me, and this happens… with 4 x 18650 batteries missing and the pack of battery wraps also gone! Now I’m not pointing any fingers here, but I’m pretty sure Fogstar didn’t rip open my package and steal 4 batteries back!…. so this leaves Royal Mail. Where did my CandySkull batteries end up?… Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine.

The little ‘Apology’ bag that my package arrived in told me that I should make a claim with Royal Mail. But again, long story short – I can’t claim, batteries are classed as ‘Dangerous Goods’ by RM and that means I cannot claim!

Just before I contacted Royal Mail, I contacted Fogstar for a copy of my invoice as I assumed I would need it to claim. I spoke to a lovely lady called Lyndsey by email, who was extremely apologetic about what had happened, and quickly sent my invoice, and a message saying she would see what she could do her end to help.

When I found that I couldn’t make a claim, I relayed this to Lyndsey and she told me not to worry and she would replace my 4 missing batteries and get them out in the post. This morning, those batteries arrived! So today I am giving a huge shout out to the fantastic Lyndsey at Fogstar! This is just amazing customer service and I really appreciate that they take their customers satisfaction so seriously.

So if you need batteries or a new charger, why not give Fogstar a try. Knowing that if there’s a problem, their customer service team will do their very best to help means that I will be going back for my next battery purchase!

So to Fogstar and Lyndsey… Thank you! You guys Rock!

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