Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA Review

Massive thanks to Wotofo for sending out their newest RDA, the Recurve Dual which is a collaboration between them and good old Mike Vapes. I like Mike, watch his reviews now and again, and absolutely love the Recurve squonk mod that they brought out a while ago.

Now I thought that I had got the original single coil recurve, but a quick check on the shelf and a-top of my mods and it looks like I haven’t, so this isn’t (actually it can’t be) a comparison  type of review as I don’t have the original to compare it to… 


Either way, lets take a look at the Recurve dual.

Recurve Dual Specs:

Diameter: 24mm
Overall Height: 34mm (with drip tip and 510 pin)
Threading: 510 thread
Drip Tip: 810
Body Material: Stainless steel
Coil Configuration: Dual coil
Juice Feeding Method: Drip/Squonk
Insulator Material: German PEEK
Wattage Range: 40-120W

In The Box:

1pc Recurve Dual RDA
1pc Coil Trimming Tool
1pc Squonk Pin
1pc User Manual
1bag Coils
1bag Organic Cotton
1bag Extra Screws & Orings

Included Coil Specs:

Coil: Quad Core Fused Clapton
Material: Ni80
Inner Core: 28G × 4
Outer wire: 36G
Internal Diameter: 3mm
Single Build Resistance: 0.26ohm
Dual Build Resistance: 0.13ohm

Recurve Dual RDA Initial Thoughts

So the Recurve Dual arrived in the normal green and black Wotofo packaging, with a clear see through lid, and nestled in the black foam was the RDA. First look and it’s extremely plain! No over the top branding, and no curved cap like the original Recurve (that’s the only comparison I intend to make) Just a slight curve on the very top of the cap. It’s a 24mm RDA so will fit vast majority of my mods (good thing) meaning it’s not too chunky as some dual coil RDAs are.

I have the blue one, the same type of blue as the Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA that I totally adore. And of course in the box is absolutely everything you need to get this RDA up and running. You got wick, coils, screwdriver, spare o-rings and screws, and a newly designed coil tool that helps you cut the coil legs to the desired length. You also have higher profile mouthpiece, as the one attached to the Recurve Dual is very short (and I will get to my thoughts on that a little later)

Be aware that with the Recurve Dual, the squonk pin does not come already fitted! Which is a bit of a turnaround for Wotofo RDA’s. So if you want to squonk then you will need to remove the standard pin with the included allen key and replace that with the squonk pin which is also in the package.

So the overall look of the Recurve Dual is rather ‘girl next door’ – It’s not fancy, doesn’t have any special shaping or intricate designs, it’s just very plain indeed. There are six airflow holes on either side, and the only visible branding once the RDA is on top of a mod is the word Recurve in quite small capital letters around the bottom of the cap. Then when you turn it over you have the Mike Vapes, and Wotofo logo’s on the underside of the base along with the Recurve logo.

The Recurve Dual RDA Features:

Recurve Dual Top Cap –  As previously stated the top cap is plain with 6 air flow holes either side. It’s a one piece top cap with a type of notch and grove locking system which means that once the cap is in place it can only be turned one way to close down the airflow (and should you want AFC fully open just turn it back clockwise to the locking point) The top cap is domed inside to enhance the flavour.

Recurve Dual Deck
– The deck is postless, with 2 screws on either side just below the AFC holes to tighten the legs down. There is plenty of room on the deck to get your coils in and the juice well is pretty deep too. The deck does have a German Peek insulator meaning no shorts. And the airflow holes up the sides of the deck are angled to ensure that the air will fully hit the coils.

Photo Courtesy of Wotofo

Rucurve Dual RDA – Coiling & Wicking

You will need to snip your coil legs at 7mm using the new coil tool (you will need to use the large 4mm and 3 of the 1mm strips) when you’ve done that slot them into the holes in the deck and tighten the screws. I struggled with this a little due my long nails, and ended up using tweezers to get the legs into the holes, but it really isn’t that hard.

Photo courtesy of Wotofo

You will notice that the coils may be touching at first as with the coil legs on each side of the coil, and the deck holes not being slightly offset to accommodate this, the coils will look a bit skew-wiffed to start, however once you’ve tightened the screws you can straighten the coils up nice and neat. Give them a bit of heat and make sure everything glows nicely.

Take your agleted cotton that came in the box, or any of your own cotton if you prefer, and thread through the coils. I used both the coils and the cotton that came with the RDA and it does make the whole process super easy. Trim the cotton, leave enough to hang down into the juice well, and then just tuck it in. Job done!

Recurve Dual RDA Performance

My coils settled in at 0.13ohms, and the Recurve Dual really does vape like a steam train!! At 60w it didn’t quite hit the spot, but 70w is fantastic. The amount of vapour at 70w is just phenomenal. 80w is slightly more vapour but for me it’s starting to get a little on the hot side! The flavour really is amazing, but you’re going to need to keep that air flow fully open to get the best flavour and vapour performance from the Recurve Dual RDA. Even with the AFC fully open it’s not super airy, there is a little bit of resistance when you draw, but I really like the feel of the airflow.

The juice well is pretty deep and holds a fair bit of liquid which is needed as this RDA blasts through eliquid like you wouldn’t believe. Can you over drip or squonk? Well yes of course you can, but it takes a lot to manage it!

Final Thoughts on the Wotofo & Mike Vapes Recurve Dual RDA

I absolutely love it, dual coils normally don’t do much for me, apart from blow clouds, but the Recurve Dual has the flavour spot on too. The airflow really is so smooth, and what really makes this brilliant for me is there is no whistling (whistling air flow totally drives me insane and many  RDA’s have been shelved due to the stupid noises they make) 


One thing I have found is that the top cap does get super hot, this might just be my style of ‘chain vaping’ but I did need to switch out the low profile mouthpiece for the taller one that came in the box, definitely needed to keep my lips away from that top cap otherwise they would have been welded to it!

Good points – Everything! Flavour, vapour production. It’s so easy to build on. Although it’s plain it still looks good. The quality of the machining is top notch, no sharp edges or flimsy metal pieces. I really can’t see any bad points 


Will The Recurve Dual RDA be retired to the shelf? – Plain and simply…. No!

Ceekays Shack Score

This has to be one of the best, if not ‘The Best’ dual coil RDA I have ever had the pleasure of using. So on that note, the Recurve Dual by Wotofo and Mike Vapes scores a well deserved 5/5


If you’re into cloud chasing with amazing flavour, head on over to the official Wotofo site and order your Recurve Dual RDA for $34.99, or keep an eye out in your local vape store.

Wotofo have some of the best vape gear that I have used! So pop on over and have a look at what else they have to offer.

What do you think of the Recurve Dual RDA? Leave your comments below, or pop over to our forum and tell us there.

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