OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Review

Firstly, OFRF is pronounced OFF! Apparently the R is silent…. ok now that’s out the way OFRF emailed me to ask if I would like to check out their new Sub-Ohm tank with a brand new conical nexMESH coil. Don’t mind if I do I thought! So a massive thanks and shout out to OFRF for sending me out the nexMESH sub-ohm tank, along with a t-shirt and the most amazing coffee mug!
If you don’t fancy the tank then at least get the mug!…. best shaped mug ever, honestly!


Fast forward a couple of weeks and the package landed in my porch….

OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Specs:

Size: 25 x 40.5mm
Capacity: 4ml
Refill: Top filling
Resistance: 0.20Ω A1 NexMesh Coil; 0.15Ω S.S.316L NexMesh Coil
Thread: 510

Coil & Tank Features:

A1 And 316L Mesh Coils For Great Texture
Double Cotton Design & Dual Vapor Compression System
Thicker Mesh Weave And Smoother Airflow
Top Filling System
4ml Large E-Juice Capacity With Leakage-Proof Design

In The Box:

1 nexMESH sub Ohm Tank 
1 A1 nexMESH Conical Mesh Coil 0.20 Ohms (Pre-Installed)
1 SS 316L Conical Mesh Coil 0.15 Ohms
1 PCGT tube 4ml (Pre-Installed)
1 Bubble Glass Tube 5.5ml 
1 User Manual
   Replacement O Rings

And you also get stickers!! Some people like stickers!


OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Initial Thoughts

Let’s start with the packaging, it comes nicely boxed, the packaging is pretty plain but well made and not something that’s going to get crushed going through the postal system. Opening the box and ughh the tank is black, now I know that doesn’t detract from the performance but for me black is worst colour for anything vape related, I like shiny, I like colours!! 


So the tank looks… like a sub-ohm tank, there’s really nothing to write home about with how this tank looks. There’s nothing that makes it stand out from the crowd, nothing that really makes it look any different to the other masses of sub-ohm tanks out there.

The nexMesh sub-ohm tank has an 810 chunky drip tip, it’s top filling, and has a PCGT tube that holds 4ml of liquid (PCGT is some kind of plastic which OFRF state can withstand many more knocks and bangs than normal glass) In the box is also a 5.5ml bubble glass, now that to me seems a little weird, that the bubble tube, the one that overhangs the sides of the tank and is more likely to take the hit if the tank gets dropped is made of glass! 


But ok… moving on!

There is the OFRF brand logo on the inside of the tank on the chimney part, this looks ok, it’s not in your face, and on the apposite side of the chimney it has nexMESh and some writing I think underneath, I don’t know… its that small I can’t make it out. And you have the OFRF branding on the underside of the tank too. Finally around the base you have 3 large air flow holes, and a knurled section for grip just above.

Almost forgot, the tank is a 26mm tank! That’s quite a chunky piece of kit and for some mods you are going to have a bit of an overhang! Take this into consideration when you’re considering which mod you intend to adorn with this beast!

The OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Features:

The nexMesh Coils – The tank kit comes with 2 conical coils, I think this means that the mesh is slight tapered into a cone shape at the top end of the coil, but it’s not a huge amount of tapering, in fact to be honest I haven’t stripped one down, but looking at either end, it’s hard to tell that it’s conical. OFRF state:

Conical mesh coils deliver a richer thicker vapor to the drip tip resulting in a massive burst of flavor with every vape.

Ok then, so the coils also have 2 separate layers of cotton that allows rapid and consistent cotton saturation. I’m not going to keep stating what OFRF are claiming, so if you want to read every little detail then you can see them here.

The kit comes with an A1 Kanthal 0.20ohm coil rated to 75-80w and a SS 316L 0.15ohm rated to 150c-280c. To install the coil, just remove the base of the tank and push the coil into the hole. It’s really that simple. Then to remove it just grab the coil and pull.

Filling the tank
– So the tank is a top fill system, just slide the top cap in the direction that arrow is pointing, the arrow is printed on in silver (on the black tank) so you don’t have to search for it. The top cap does have quite a  bit of resistance to it, which is good, it’s going not to come undone in your pocket and soak your Werthers mints or Wrigleys gum! Under the top cap you will see the filling port, the actually filling hole is covered with a silicone membrane, so you need to shove the nozzle inside and past this membrane. Chunky gorilla bottle owners will struggle! If you’re using chunky bottles with shorter nozzles, do yourself a favour and remove the 810 mouthpiece from the tank before you attempt to fill, and then fill slowly.

Airflow – As mentioned previously you have 3 large AFC holes around the bottom of the nexMesh Sub-Ohm tank, and you can close these right down to give a very restricted vape, but why would you?… This just causes an uncomfortable, very hot vape, and no way near enough air is hitting that coil meaning that you’re going to end up burning the cotton. Halfway closed, yep that’s not too bad…. but to me it seems fully open is going to have the best benefit overall. The AFC ring can be rotated easily, with a lovely smooth motion.

The OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Performance

Both coils do seem to perform really well, the Kanthal coil I vaped between 70-75w and it was fine, the wicking kept up, I had no dry hits at all. The flavour for me wasn’t brilliant, it just didn’t taste crisp and clear like with the RTA’s that I normally use. The flavour was there, but it didn’t dance on my tongue like I was expecting. The vapour production was really good though, easily fogging out my living room.

The SS coil for me was much better, the flavour was much more pronounced (a little bit of a foxtrot happening on my tastebuds!) I used the SS nexMESH coil on wattage at around 70w, and on temp mode as well right up to the 280c allowed and I had no problems what so ever with this coil. The vapour production nice and cloudy, and even at 280c the vapour wasn’t hot, just pleasantly warm.

One thing I noticed with both coils was the flavour getting progressively better on the second tank of liquid, so I think these coils do have a bit of a break in period. For me though, the SS nexMESH coil wins hands down.

The OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank Final Thoughts

This is the first product that I have used from OFRF and I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but it’s a great tank, it does what any sub-ohm tank does, blows huge clouds… and the SS coil does have really great flavour, but is nexMESH better than any other tank using an SS coil? I don’t know, I don’t think the flavour is any better than any other SS coils I’ve used if I’m being totally honest.

I used the nexMesh coil that came with the WOTOFO Unity RTA and again, I couldn’t notice a difference with the nexMESH strip and the normal mesh that comes with the Profile RDA… as they say, taste is subjective and maybe I’m just not a mesh connoisseur! Either way, the SS nexMESH does hit the spot flavourwise for me, but stainless steel are my favourite types of coils anyway.

Now this is a little add-on snippet of into for you… when I first filled my tank, I didn’t bother to remove the coil and prime it like we are always told to do. I had some chores to attend to, so I filled the tank and just let it sit for 20 minutes. The same with the SS coil when I swapped that out. I popped the SS coil in, no priming, filled the tank and let it sit. The reason I’m telling you this is that I have watched a couple of reviews this morning for the OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm tank, and those reviewers had liquid pouring out of the air flow holes! I haven’t had a single leak! Not one drop of liquid has escaped from anywhere on this tank. The only difference being, they primed the coil with a few drops of liquid before filling the tank and I didn’t. Could this be the reason why they’ve had a leak?? I honestly don’t know 


So good points – It looks decent, not flashy or in your face, but it does look kind of neat and tidy. It vapes really well. The coils are nice and easy to change, and with the option of the SS coil you can now have a mesh coil that you can use in temp mode, which is a great for those vapers that love temp control. The top cap really is solid, it’s not going to slide open and dump all the liquid in your pocket. I would also say that if children do manage to get hold of this tank, firstly why the hell are you leaving it where your kids can reach it!! but secondly, they would need to be like Popeye to push this top cap over.

Bad points
– Only one really and it’s not so much bad as mildly annoying, and that is this top filling method with the membrane does mean that vapers using chunky bottles may struggle a little bit.

Will the OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank be retired to the shelf? – Eventually yes, when the coils finally die I won’t be buying more, and that’s not because I don’t like the nexMESH tank, I really do, but I no longer purchase stock coils. Now if OFRF were to bring out a rebuildable coil for this tank at some time in the future, then I would definitely love to give that a try.

Ceekays Shack Score

I could minus half a point for the chunky nozzle filling thing, but to be honest as long as you remove the mouthpiece and fill slowly, then I really don’t see a problem. So OFRF are definitely ‘OFRF The Hook‘ with the  OFRF nexMesh Sub-Ohm tank getting full marks, a fantastic 5/5! 


Fancy getting yourself a cloud blowing tank from OFRF? Then head over to their official site and check out the nexMesh Sub-Ohm Tank

Check out the rest of their vape gear too!

Tell us what you think of the OFRF nexMESH Sub-Ohm tank in the comments below, or check out our brand new forum, and leave a comment there!

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