The Rincoe Mechman Kit Review

A massive thanks to our new sponsor for sending me out the Rincoe Mechman kit to give a try. To be honest they didn’t actually send the kit, but the mod and tank separate, reason for telling you this I only got one coil, and I believe the kit comes with two.
Anyhow…. lets see what it’s like.

Rincoe Mechman specs

Mechman 228W TC mod  
Dimension: 53.8x 29.2x90mm 
Power range: 1-228W
TC modes support: Ni200/Ti/ SS 
Power mode(VW/BYPASS): 0.08-5.0ohm(0.3ohm recommended)
TC mode (Nickel/Titanium/Stainless/TCR): 0.05-3.5ohm(0.15ohm recommended)
Battery: Dual replaceable high rate 18650 cells (CDC≥25A, Not Included)

Mechman Mesh tank 
Dimension: 28 x 36mm
Tank capacity: 4.5ml(max) 
Resistance: single mesh coil: 0.25ohm; Dual mesh coil: 0.2ohm 
Drip Tip: 810 drip tip 
Material: Resin/Stainless steel/Quartz bubble glass 

In the box (kit)

1x Mechman 228W mod 
1x Mechman mesh tank (single mesh coil 0.25ohm) 
1x Extra dual mesh coil 0.2ohm 
1x Extra bubble glass tube 
1x Accessory 
1x Certificate card 
1x User manual 
1x USB Charging cable 

Rincoe Mechman Kit Initial Impressions

So my mod came boxed (my tank didn’t) Nice strong box means the mod is nice and safe in transit, but we’re not gonna talk about the box…. So the mod is heavy! It’s a dual 18650 battery mod and when those batteries are installed it’s a real hefty piece of kit. Of course that tends to lend itself to a quality feel and this really does feel like a decent quality mod! 


It’s kind of hard to describe the design of the mod, its a true box mod, the edges aren’t exactly rounded but they have the corners tapered which does make it kind of comfy to hold. Nice and easy to grip too with all of the detail going on around the outside. They have these cross sections (called steel wings) on both sides, the back is the battery door, and the front has a sticker underneath the wings. Now apparently you can remove the wings on the front and pop a different sticker on there… which is a novel idea I guess. I have the United states flag design on mine, which I love, I like the USA and I’m more than happy to display the US flag.

The mod has a 25mm centre plate for the tank to sit on (love centred 510’s) and a springy pin.

The sub-ohm tank looks ok, apart from I got the black mod, and the stainless steel tank, so not exactly matching…. The tank matches the screws that hold the wings on to the mod, and the 810 driptip is black and red so that kind of matches too! Now the description says that the tank is 28mm but I think it might be the bubble glass that’s 28mm, the base of the tank is only about 25mm. Learn to measure Rincoe!

Rincoe Mechman Mod Features:

Battery – So as mentioned before the Rincoe Mechman takes 2 x 18650 batteries, and these need to be inserted into the back of the mod. The battery door/cover is held in place by two fairly strong magnets, top and bottom, and you do get a little groove along the bottom of the door to lever it off with your nail. Inside battery direction is indicated by means of a large plus and minus sign moulded into the plastic inlay, this is the same colour as the plastic though, so if you’re trying to see which way round your batteries go in a darker room (maybe at night just by the light of the tv) you will struggle. There is a ribbon to help with removal (always appreciated and keeps your nails from being broken or ripped off while trying to get the batteries out!) Below the screen there is the mini USB charging port, which I believe can also be used to update the firmware.

Buttons –  The Rincoe Mechman has a nice raised firing button that also protrudes a little more on the bottom, giving it the impression of a light switch. It is nice and comfy to press, and has a nice quiet click to it.
The adjustment buttons can be found inlayed at the bottom of the screen, nice and clicky and easy enough to press with fingers or your thumb.

Screen & Menu – The nice thing about the Rincoe Mechman mod is its basic, and this is apparent when you look at the screen. Minimal info keeps the screen uncluttered, twin battery icons at the top left, mode on the top right. In the centre in larger digits is your wattage or temp (whichever you have it set on) and just below that draw time, and then going down from there ohms and volts.

The menu is even more  basic than the screen. 3 clicks takes you into mode selection, you have the choice of VW, bypass, Ni, Ti, SS,TCR.

In TCR mode press the fire and + button to set your TCR values. In any of the temp control modes press the fire and – button to set the wattage.

And something I love, you can lock the adjustment buttons and still fire the mod to vape! Massive thumbs up to Rincoe for incorporating this, and to lock just press + and – together!

Not forgetting you have all of the normal protections that come with these types of mods. And of course 5 clicks on and off.

Rincoe Mechman Mesh tank features

so the tank measures around 25mm and sits perfectly on the raised section of the mod. Around the base of the tank you have two very large air flow control holes, and an adjustment collar to twist and alter that air flow. The collar isn’t super loose so you will need to grip it to turn it.

To fill the tank find the arrow on the top cap and push the cap in that direction. This will open up to the top fill hole. Now there’s no safety mechanism on this top cap, and no silicone seal either, so this is something to be aware of if you have youngsters.

The machining and finishing on the tank isn’t that great, you can see machine marks when you push the top cap back and also if you remove the drip tip. This doesn’t bother me too much, but just gives the feeling that the tank has been made ‘on the cheap’ 


The Mesh tank has a bubble glass and you can fit 4.5ml of liquid in there. And my tank came with the 0.25ohm single mesh coil, in the kit you should also get a 0.2ohm dual mesh coil.

How does the Rincoe Mechman Kit perform?

Ok, well I have been using the Mechman mod mainly on VW, and it’s runs flawlessly, not had any problems with mis-fires, adjusting the wattage is great, nice and fast. I have used the Mechman tank and a small selection of my own tanks too, running various different types of coils. However I tried one of my own tanks with an SS coil in Temp control and found it to be a little hit and miss, it just didn’t seem to have any oomph to it.  This doesn’t bother me as I rarely use temp control these days, while it was an interesting novelty to play with when it first came out, I had my fun and would now rather stick to VW style vaping. So if you use mainly temp control, it might be a good idea to think carefully before purchasing this mod 


The Mechman Mesh tank… Hmmm, I’m not keen. The tank is very airy which I don’t really mind too much, but it’s noisy with it. Air flow fully open and it sounds like a gale force wind blowing! Close it down half way and it’s a bit better, but of course the vapour starts to get warmer… and I don’t like that.  I also think that the 0.26ohm Single mesh coil really lacks in flavour! Using my favourite liquid in this and it doesn’t even taste like the same liquid as when I have it in an RTA. The vapour is huge (expected from a sub-ohm coil)  but overall I’m really disappointed to be honest with the performance of this coil 


Final Thoughts on the Rincoe Mechman Kit

Well I do like the mod, even though it feels heavy and quite bulky in my little hands, I don’t mind holding it. I don’t find myself wanting to keep putting it down like I have with some mods (cough cough – Voopoo drag!) I love the USA flag design, and I like the idea of changing out the sticker, although whether I ever will, I don’t know. Not even sure where you can purchase these stickers from? 

It’s simple to use, the menu is super easy which makes it great for newer vapers, and established vapers that just don’t want to over-complicate their style of vaping.

The tank however… nope, not for me. Although if you’re just looking for something to blow clouds, and you’re not too bothered about flavour then it would be ok.

Will the Rincoe Mechman Kit be Retired to the shelf? – The tank will be retired to the bin I think… the Mod I will definitely be using for a while. Lockable adjustment buttons means I can take it and fling it in my pocket and not have to worry about taking a 228w blast after!

Ceekays Shack Score

So for the mod, losing a point for the dodgy temp control, but overall the mod really is great. As for the tank… ugh! Losing a point for noisy airflow, and it has to lose two points for the lack of flavour, good flavour is an absolute must for me when it comes to vaping! So the Rincoe Mechman kit scores a mediocre 6/10, the kit is really let down by the coil 


However… I didn’t have the 0.2 ohm coil to try and some reviewers do reckon this is much better for flavour, so take a look at some other reviews on the tank before making your mind up.

If you fancy the simplicity of a Mechman mod kit, then head over to our sponsors and check out the Rincoe Mechman Kit for $52.75, or if you can do without the tank then just go for the Mechman Mod for $42.90 and stick your own tank on top!

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Fancy telling us your thoughts on the Rincoe Mechman mod or tank? Then just comment below, or pop over to our ‘old skool forum’

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