Hugo Vapor Rader Eco 200W Box Mod – Review

Massive thanks to our sponsor for sending out the Hugo Vapor Rader Eco for me to have a play with. The Rader Eco is a dual battery, 200W box mod, and it comes in all kinds of outrageous colours! Let’s have a look…

Hugo Vapor Rader Eco Specs:

Size – 42 x 40 x 84mm
Material – Zinc Alloly+ABS+Stainles steel
Wattage Range – 1.0-200W
Voltage Range – 6.2-8.4V
Output Ampere – 50A(Max)
Resistance – 0.06-3.0ohm
Charging Amperes – 2A(Max)
Screen – 0.96-inch OLED
Modes – VW/VV/Bypass/Curve Heating
Battery – 2x 18650 cell (Not included)
Thread – 510 spring load

In The Box:

1x Rader ECO MOD (no cell)
1x USB cable
1x User Manual
1x Warranty Card
1x Battery Warning Card

The Rader Eco Mod Initial Impressions

The Rader Eco comes well packaged in a black box, with one accessory, a charging cable, and that’s it. When I opened the box it was like someone pulled back the clouds and there was the sun… Yup! I got the yellow one, Oh boy! Oh but it’s not just yellow, its yellow with black speckles. It’s like a cross between a speckled bird egg and Spongebob! 


Taking it out of the box and the first thing I notice is how light the Rader is, I mean really light! The Rader Eco is made from some kind of nylon (ABS + PC ) material, now while this is light, it leaves me wondering how it will fare when I do my normal clumsy trick of dropping it! It doesn’t feel particularly ‘drop proof’ – We shall see.

There is the RADER logo on one side, and it fills the whole side, well not the whole side, as it is cut off where the battery door joins. To me this would look better if the logo carried on across the battery door, as it stands it just looks like someone popped the wrong battery door on! That is actually it for branding though, Hugo Vapor haven’t added their brand name to the Rader.

The 510 plate is placed to the front, rather than in the middle and it’s seated level with the top of the mod, with a spring loaded pin.

Hugo Vapor Rader Eco Features:

Batteries – As mentioned earlier the Rader Eco takes 2 x 18650 batteries. To remove the battery door just give a tug on the cut out sections at the side of the mod, and that battery door will pop right off. It has 4 small magnets (one in each corner) that hold it in place, and it does feel pretty sturdy once its on. There is no right and wrong way to place the door, it will fit into place either way round. There are no rattles at all, and no play in that door what so ever.

The battery compartment has clear indication of which way round the batteries should go, there is no ribbon to help with battery removal, however you don’t really need one as you can grip the battery for removal.

Just below the adjustment buttons you will find the charging port, and you can vape the Rader while it’s charging your batteries.

The Rader Eco buttons – There is a huge clicky fire button at the top of the mod, again no play at all in the button, no rattles coming from it. The adjustment buttons can be found at the bottom of the mod, just below the screen. It is actually one adjustment button, with minus to the left and plus to the right.

The Rader Eco Screen – The screen is a 0.96inch OLED, with tons of info on it! (too much for me) Starting at the top you have, battery icons, mode, ramp up, clock, puff count. Next line in bigger digits thank goodness, your temp or power setting, then puff timer, and bottom line in teeny tiny digits, ohms, volts and amps. I mean seriously, who needs this much info! 


The Rader Eco Menu – The Rader has all the normal bells and whistles that most mods come with. Modes are accessed by pressing that super clicky fire button 3 times, and you have the choice of watts, Ti, Ni, SS, Bypass and then Tl, I can’t find any explanation for Tl in the manual (in fact theres very little in the manual at all, but I have read in the specs that it’s something called ‘Curve heating’ ) the power seems to ramp up and down so … I’m steering clear of that one.

If you’re using watts mode, then press the fire button twice and you can chose the power level of soft, normal and power plus.

If you want to lock the resistance of your coil for temp control then press the fire and the minus button. To alter the wattage for temp control vaping, once you are in the mode you want (ss316 for me) press the fire button twice and you will see watts highlighted (where the ramp up is in power mode) then plus or minus to adjust to your preferred wattage.

To lock the adjustment buttons press the plus and minus together. Kudos for this feature, this is one of the main selling points for me, I can stick the mod in my pocket without altering the power accidentally, and still vape with those buttons locked, massive thumbs up for this.

To get into the main menu press the fire and plus buttons, and you will be presented with several options, time set, brightness, puff counter, stealth, TCR set, default and exit. All pretty self explanatory there.

And as always 5 clicks will turn the Rader off and on. Just a quick add on, you can set the standby mode to show a clock, never again will you forget the time while you’re vaping! 


The Hugo Vapor Rader Eco Performance

I love the way the Rader performs, I haven’t had any issues at all, I’ve used it in power mode, and also SS temp mode, and both just work flawlessly for me, this is a bonus for temp mode as the last couple of mods I’ve reviewed have been rather hit and miss when it comes to temp control vaping.

Final Thoughts on the Rader Eco 200w Box Mod

The last Hugo Vapor mod I reviewed was the Delux, it was shaped weird, and I really didn’t like it at all, so I was rather dubious about trying something else from Hugo Vapor. However, the Rader Eco has given me a new liking for this manufacturer.

The shape reminds me of the Asmodus Minikin, it’s rather chunky and with the minikin it was the weight kind of put me off using it. The Rader however even with 2 batteries installed and a tank adorning it is still rather light. It does take a while to get used to the chunky shape though, so if you’ve been more used to using flatter box mods like I have, the chunky ones come as a bit of a shock when you first pick it up.

It looks kinda cheap, and it feels kinda cheap… but if you can put those thoughts to one side just long enough to give the Rader Eco a try, I think you’ll probably end up really liking it! I certainly have, for the simple facts that it does everything it’s supposed to, without screwing it up! Yes the screen is cluttered, the menu has more novelty items than Blackpool sea front, but it works really well! 


I can comment on the destructibility of this mod yet as I haven’t dropped it! Maybe it’s just better for me to hold than those shiny smooth expensive designer mods! 

Who would this mod be suitable for? Absolutely anyone that doesn’t mind the chunky shape. New vapers will soon pick up the menu and settings, and it’s a nice cheap mod that will power what ever coils you chuck at it!

Will the Hugo Vapor Rader Eco be retired to the shelf? – If anything was to make me retire the Rader Eco it would be the colour…. but what the hell, I’ll paint it! 


Ceekays Shack Score

I could minus points for the cheap and tacky look, and for the cluttered screen, but to be honest this mod is one of the very few that I’ve reviewed recently that does everything it’s supposed too without any hitches… so Hugo Vapor, congrats from me on a well deserved 5/5 for the Rader Eco! 


If you  fancy getting your hands on one of these, head over to our sponsor where you can pick one for an absolute bargain price –  $19.99 Hugo Vapor Rader Eco

Tell us your thoughts on the Hugo Vapor Rader Eco in the comments below, or come join us on our forum

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