The Vladdin Slide Pod Kit Review

I know, I know…. I don’t review pods! Well normally I wouldn’t review a pod device but this company contacted me many months ago and asked if I would review something. I didn’t hear anything else for ages, and then a few weeks ago they contacted me and told me they had dispatched the Slide, so…. we’ll give this a go.

Huge thanks to Vladdin for sending this over, lets have a look 


Vladdin Slide Specs:

Size82mm x 45.8mm x 20.2mm
Pod Capacity 2ml
Maximum Output 12W
Maximum Voltage 3.45V
Battery Type Single built-in 103030 battery
Battery Capacity 1000mAh
Material Aluminum Alloy & Plastic

In The Box:

1 x VLADDIN Slide device    
1 x VLADDIN Slide Pod (0.8Ω mesh coil Pre-installed)
1 x 1.2Ω Regular coil (Spare)  
1 x USB cable
1 x User’s manual          
1 x Warranty card

Initial Impressions on the Vladdin Slide Pod Kit

It comes beautifully boxed, with a lift up, hinged kind of lid to the box, and everything is nestled inside with little pull tabs so you can get the pod and device out easily. I have broken nails before now trying to get devices out of boxes when they are rammed in so tight, yes its great that the device is properly protected for transporting, but when you need a hammer and chisel to remove it from that packaging that can be a little annoying 


So the tabs do help massively with removing the Slide from the box, and oh my goodness this is the cutest little device ever! It reminds me of all those big box mods you’ve seen with the resin side panels, but just in mini! The resin only covers the slide door, and the rest of device is I’m thinking aluminum or some kind of alloy. I actually thought it was plastic but if you tap it on your teeth (which I normally do to find out if something is plastic or metal) then to me it has that metal kind of sound to it. Yup, should have just read the specs… Aluminum Alloy.

It has Vladdin printed in silver down one edge, and then Slide indented onto the back panel. You also have the safety mark on the bottom, along with the wording ‘designed by Vladdin’. So for a small device that branding does actually take up quite a bit of space.

Vladdin Slide Features

Vladdin Slide Door – The door is where you access the actual pod, and it’s the side with the resin, so you won’t confuse it with the other side which is just black. Use you’re thumb or finger and just slide that panel down. The sliding mechanism is nice and smooth, and has been tested to 50,000 slides, which is great and probably means that the sliding panel will still be working when the battery has totally bitten the dust!

One little annoying thing for me, the door doesn’t sit flush with the device, it has a couple of mm gap all the way round, now I think they could have got this closer because if you push the door in towards the mod, it does actually sit closer to the body. Now I know this doesn’t affect how the Slide vapes, but it irritates me 


Vladdin Slide Battery – The Slide battery is 1000mah which for me is tiny, bearing in mind I can easily get through at least 4 x 18650 batteries in a day, the Slide really doesn’t last very long for me at all. But… it is a pod, so I guess it’s not intended for heavy use.

You get 4 LED’s down the edge of the Slide, and 3 of these will tell you how much battery charge you have left, obviously the less lights that are displayed, the less power you have left, and the sooner you are going to have to get the Slide to a charger. The final bottom LED tells you the power setting. With 3 clicks of the button you can adjust the power as follows: Red – low 3.3v, Green – medium 3.5v, and Blue is high 3.7v. Of course you also have the 5 click on and off feature.

There is a charging port just under that final light, and when that charger is plugged in the Slide will not vape!

Vladdin Slide Button – Just the one, the fire button. This is silver and slightly raised from the device, and for me it’s perfectly positioned to easily press, and it had a nice quiet click to it.

Vladdin Slide Pod –  Slide down the door and the pod will just slide into the hole that is eagerly waiting! The pod itself has a little silicone bung, just pull this out to fill with 2ml of liquid (and you do get a spare bung in the box just incase you pull the original one too hard and it flies off into oblivion! (It is held onto the pod by a second slightly smaller plug but I know some people can be a little heavy handed at times, myself included) The mouthpiece is moulded into the actual pod, it’s pretty much a standard 510 but maybe a little bit wider, no where near as wide as an 810 though.

Vladdin Slide Coil – So this where things get interesting. You will get 2 coils with the Slide, a 0.8ohm mesh and a 1.2ohm standard. The 0.8ohm came pre-installed in my pod. So remove the coil from the pod by unscrewing it. You will see that the coil actually screws into the metal base, and it’s this metal base that will twist around and control the airflow. And you can get this tightened down to a very restrictive draw. You can also have it wide open and direct inhale! It is a good idea to set up the airflow how you prefer it while the pod is out of the device, it’s a little fiddly once it’s in.

Don’t forget to prime your new coils by dripping a little liquid into those liquid inlet holes.

Downside, if you need to change the coil while you have liquid in the pod, when you unscrew the base and coil, the liquid will run out of the mouthpiece, so if you need to change the coil, have some tissue or something handy to catch the liquid.

How Does The Vladdin Slide Perform?

I have been using this with the 0.8ohm coil, and direct lung inhaling with it, even though you can easily mouth to lung inhale, I’m just not so keen on MTL vaping anymore. It performs outstandingly well. I have been using it on the highest setting, blue with a 2mg (0.2%) liquid, and I really like the vape. The flavour is really good, and there is a fair old bit of vapour, which I haven’t actually experienced with a pod device before. Do keep a check on the liquid level in the pod, I didn’t bother and when the pod was empty I took a rather dry hit from the coil which has burnt the wicking, a tank full of liquid later and it still hasn’t recovered, theres still a slight burnt taste! 


You can tell the difference between power settings, even though my 2mg liquid doesn’t give a ‘hit’ anyway, but you can tell by the noise (the hiss) and also by the amount of vapour.

It might be worth mentioning that Vladdin actually sent me 2 pods, and I gave one to my hubby. He vapes 8mg liquid and he has to use the lowest setting, any higher makes him cough, so he can tell the difference in the actual hit, the green and blue setting makes the vape harsh with it’s higher power. Maybe the 1.2ohm standard coil is going to be better for higher mg liquids. I haven’t tried the 1.2ohm yet, I really like the 0.8ohm.

Final Thoughts on the Vladdin Slide Pod Kit

So, I don’t like pods…. I really don’t,  I reviewed a fair few pods in the past and they just didn’t hit the spot for me, they felt weak, incredibly cheap, didn’t produce much vapour, which is all great if that’s how you like to vape, but they weren’t for me. The Vladdin Slide however is on a totally different level, maybe it’s because I haven’t reviewed pods for a while and they have come so much further with technology and design, but the Vladdin Slide doesn’t really feel like a pod device to me.

I actually really really like the Slide! It’s super comfy to hold, and not too light that it feels like cheap tat. It vapes extremely well for a pod, the flavour is good,  and you can alter the power and adjust the airflow to suit your style of vaping. You don’t have to remove the door to fill the pod, it just slides down, which means filling on the go is way easier as the device stays all in one piece, you don’t have to remove the door, or remove the pod! This is great.

Couple of bad points for me, that gap around the door, is super annoying, maybe it’s done for a reason (so the slide mechanism works properly or something) I don’t know but seeing that gap just bugs the life out of me. I can’t use it while it’s charging which again is super annoying, I don’t get a vast amount of time from the battery anyway, so being able to vape while it charges would be better for me.

Will The Vladdin Slide be Retired to The Shelf? – Hmmm, I really want to say no, because it works amazingly well, and it does have some great features, but the battery makes it’s really impractical. I know with a bigger battery the device would have to be bigger…. It’s a trade off I guess. Maybe I’ll sit it on the shelf and then just grab it for going to the shops or something… but I really do wanna keep using the sweet little thing! 


Ceekays Shack Score

I could minus points for the 2 niggles, but I assume there are reasons behind the gap in the door, and the no passthrough issues… For a pod (and remember I hate pods) I really love the Slide. I can’t help it, it just really appeals to me. So I’m going to be nice and just minus half a point for not being able to vape while it charges. Of course if this won’t bother you then add that half a point back on. So the Vladdin Slide scores a fantastic 4.5/5


Check out the Vladdin website to order your Vladdin Slide Pod Kit for $37.90

What do you think of the Vladdin Slide? Leave your comments below.

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