About Ceekays Vape Shack

I’m Ceekay, a mother, a wife, a vaper,  reviewer, but more importantly a woman! I have 2 fantastic kids, 2 dogs, chickens & ducks, and a goose called ‘Ziggy’

Not so different to thousands of other women out there I’m sure (apart from the goose) But I want every smoking woman to become a vaping woman… its cheaper, its better for you (and this has the backing of PHE) and its fun!

Check out my blog for reviews of some of the latest vape kits, mods and tanks. How do they look, are they comfy to hold (everyone knows us ladies have smaller hands ) How do they vape? Will you break your nails changing the batteries!    I’ll also be adding some liquid reviews too, what tastes great, and what (unfortunately) doesn’t!

I’ve been vaping for just over 8 years! So I know a thing or two when it comes to vaping and vape gear

If you’re a new vaper come and meet my friends on our forum…. guys are welcome too! We can help with problems, give advice on kits and mods, or just have  a chat and get to know our members. We’re here if you need us

Vendors Partnership Program

Are you a vendor looking for advertisement opportunities? Then contact me for more details.