Punk Juice – Hooligan & Lawless Reviewed

The Punk Juice range have added two new flavours to its line up, and Ashley from over at ELFC sent them out for me to try. Always remember that when we taste an e-liquid flavour, our thoughts are very subjective, a flavour that I may love, you mate hate and vice versa….

Both flavours came as the 120ml kit, add the nicotine to the flavour, top up with base mix, give it a good shake, and away you go.


Cooling and sweet mango soda flavour.

Hooligan is a crystal clear e-liquid, which smells really fruity. There’s definitely a mango aroma coming from the bottle.

Unfortunately mango is one of those flavours that I’ve never really been keen on (in fact my feelings toward mango lean towards the ‘hate’ end of the scale!) no matter how many times I’ve tried to vape a mango flavour (and I have tried loads of different ones) I just can’t bring myself to like them.

I’m not going to score this flavour as it wouldn’t be fair, I can’t really mark it down just because I can’t vape it long enough to give it a real chance. What I can say is if you like mango flavours then you should definitely give Hooligan a try, as there is plenty of that juicy mango flavour on the inhale, followed by the icy blast on the exhale. But alas….. it’s not for me  :no2:


Sweet mixed fruit and berry flavour. If you like Pinkman by Vampire Vape, you’ll love this!

Lawless is a lovely light blue colour (looks great in a tank) and has a very citrussy, fruity smell that leaves your mouth watering and you just dying to taste it!

Ok Lawless!  :oooo: Wow… Its very fruity, and a little bit punchy! I have never vaped Pinkman flavour in my 7 years of vaping, so this review really is a blind review as I have nothing to compare Lawless too.

The flavours (whatever they are) mix together really well to make this a smooth vape that really does scream Summer at the top of it’s flavour notes. Although the flavours are quite confusing, and trying to pick out what they are may just leave you banging your head against a brick wall  :wall: as no ‘one’ flavour overpowers any of the others.

There are definitely some kind of citrus fruits, maybe grapefruit, I honestly don’t know. It’s kind of tart on the inhale, and a huge flavour explosion on the exhale, I don’t find it overly sweet (which is great as I find many liquids too sweet to use as an all day vape) Its just really yummy. Its one of those flavours that you can never quite get enough of, you just have to keep having one last vape!

My advice, if you like citrussy, slightly tart, mouthwatering flavours, you have to add Lawless to your ‘must try’ list!  It’s just totally divine!

Ceekays Shack Score

Lawless – I love it! It definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me, and a fab and fruity 5/5  :happydance:

Check out the Punk Juice range over at ELFC where you can get the 120ml DIY kit at £9.49.

Go check out ELFC for a huge array of Eliquid ranges and flavours, concentrates, DIY kits and shortfills!

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ELFC Original Recipe Flavour Shots – Bohemian Raspberry, Tropik, Citrus Smash – Reviewed!

Ashley from over at ELFC sent me three new flavours out to try, they came as flavour shots in 120ml bottles with 24ml of flavour concentrate already in there. So basically you just add your own nic and diluents. I added 100ml in total. 70% VG and 30% PG and 0.2% nicotine.

Give them a good shake and it does say on the bottle they need 4 – 6 weeks steeping. But me being… erm me, can’t wait that long!!

So I tried straight the way, and to be honest they were all pretty nice right off the bat. Now it’s almost 2 weeks later and I’m giving them another try. Continue reading “ELFC Original Recipe Flavour Shots – Bohemian Raspberry, Tropik, Citrus Smash – Reviewed!”

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Battle Of the Cereals – By a Cereal Vaper!

The Cereal Duel!

Ever since I got the Vapewild flavours to try and there was one called Rice Krisps, I’ve had a bit of a thing for cereal flavours. When my bottle of Rice Krisps was empty, I found myself craving the flavour!

So not being able to do without my cereal fix in the evenings while I watched Netflix (Netflix & Cereal!) I popped on over to ELFC and ordered Capella Cereal 27 (recommended by Zimmerman over on the forum) and FlavourArt Breakfast Cereal (recommended by Ashley from ELFC)

Both mixed at 0.2% nic, 70/30 VG/PG. The Cereal 27 I mixed at 10%, and the Breakfast Cereal at 8%. I have mentioned before I don’t like my flavours to drown my tastebuds, I would rather have mild and subtle flavours. I’ve mixed Capella at 15% before and I personally think it’s just way over the top and normally pretty harsh, even after steeping. The FlavourArt, I normally mix their fruit flavours at around 3%, but when I used to use Nutzilla, I would do 8%. (don’t like it anymore, I’m a bit fickle when it comes to flavours)

So neither are steeped and just a shake and vape for these Cereal contestants! Continue reading “Battle Of the Cereals – By a Cereal Vaper!”

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Punk Juice – Riot! GRRRL & Scum – Reviewed


So a huge thank you to Ashley over at ELFC for sending me the 3 new additions to the Punk Juice Range. I was really excited to be able to test these as the first 4 I tried where pretty damn good. Vicious is still an all day vape for me… I get through loads of it!

I mixed these all at 10%, 0.3% nic and 70/30 VG/PG.  10% is plenty of flavour for me  even though recommended % on ELFC is 15-20% . I really don’t like strong overpowering vapes, but you folks should probably mix as you normally would. I vaped these from first mixed, no real steeping time, although I have been vaping these for around a week now, and didn’t notice a huge difference in taste. Maybe more balanced after a few days.

So onto the new flavours…. Continue reading “Punk Juice – Riot! GRRRL & Scum – Reviewed”

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VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part Two

So following on from the first 4 flavours which I reviewed last week (and that can be found here. ) I have been busy trying out the other 4. Once again a huge thanks to Vapewild for sending these out for me to try. In the package there was also some Vapewild stickers, a steeping guide, and vapeband/tankband whatever you want to call it, and some Vapewild business cards.

I just want to mention (as I forgot in the other review) that I opted for the ‘heavy VG’ at 3mg (0.3%) nicotine.

OK lets get cracking with these four flavours. Same as last time, Vapewilds description in italics, following on with my thoughts after  :smile: Continue reading “VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part Two”

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VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part One

So those lovely folks over at Vapewild.eu sent me a sample pack out to see what I think. There were 8 different flavours in total, so I decided to split them up over a couple of reviews, just to make things a little easier. And well… this is the first one.

I’ve added Vapewilds description in italic lettering, and then I’ll follow on with my thoughts after  :yes:
Continue reading “VapeWild – Assorted Flavours Review – Part One”

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Vape Wild Pre-Mixed Liquid Reviewed!

So, I was given these flavours to review by a friend who picked them up at this years Expo, I’ve actually never heard of this company before, but that’s not hard these days, there’s just soooo many eliquid and vape gear vendors popping up left, right and centre. Anyhow, I was lucky enough to get my hands on 4 flavours, all 3mg (0.3%) They are all 65% VG/ 35% Pg, on their website it describes this as Higher VG.

Quick word about my vaping style before we get onto the flavours, I normally mix my own liquids and prefer more subtle flavours, normally mixing lower percentages than recommended. And please remember flavours are subjective… what I taste may be totally different to what you taste, or what Jim down the road can taste!

Flavours were all tested in a ‘Hop n Vape’ RDA with dual coils coming in at around 0.3ohm and being vaped at 50w (girly lungs and all that!) I did alter the wattage now and again, and I will pop this in the reviews. Ok, lets do this!…. Continue reading “Vape Wild Pre-Mixed Liquid Reviewed!”

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Punk Juice – ‘Patti’ Good or Downright ‘Rotten’?

I was pretty amazed last week to be approached by someone and asked if I would like to review a new e-liquid range called Punk Juice, I was even more surprised when I learned that Ashley (the guy that contacted me) was the owner of ELFC!  ohhh (I get my jax flavours from there! lol)

He offered to send me the full range of Punk Juice, which I declined when I discovered one was grape flavor. Nothing against you grape lovers, but ever since I tried a pretty yukky grape 6 years ago, I haven’t been able to bring myself to try it since (although that may now have changed since about half way down this page?)…. anyhow moving on. Continue reading “Punk Juice – ‘Patti’ Good or Downright ‘Rotten’?”

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Jax Mint Concentrate Review

Well got round to making this up this morning. 3mg nic, 70% VG, 8% flavour,  and being vaped in a doggystyle tank, new coil and wick, 0.4ohms and running at 18w.

OK the flavour description on Chefs Flavours website says this:

Light. Cool. Refreshing. Home grown garden mint bunched and blended together with a creamy vanilla custard base.

Continue reading “Jax Mint Concentrate Review”

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