London Fire-fighters Are Backing Vaping!

Vapers around the UK will be pleased to hear that London Fire-fighters are declaring that vaping is indeed safer than smoking. The fire-fighters are backing PHE (Public Health England) in their Stoptober campaign to get smokers to switch to vaping, as a way to also reduce the numbers of smoking related fires caused in the UK.

Statistics show that there were 3580 smoking related fires in the last 3 years, and only 15 vaping related fires. There were 66 fire related deaths, and 0 vaping relating deaths!

So not only is vaping better for our health, we are less likely to die in a fire caused by a carelessly discarded cigarette or falling asleep with a burning cigarette in our fingers.

Sounds good to me! And I would just like to say to the London Fire-fighters – “Thank you” 😀

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Stoptober – Can You Do It?

Its almost October, and that of course that also means Stoptober. Thousands of smokers are seeing the adverts on the TV, hearing them on the radio, watching them on Youtube and gearing themselves up to quit smoking. If you’re one of those smokers you have more than likely tried to quit before, and it didn’t work.

The patches, gum and lozenges are all very good, but what do you do with your hands?! Take up knitting maybe, or perfect the art of opening sweet wrappers! Smoking isn’t just being addicted to nicotine, its the habit of that hand to mouth action, its the repetition of drawing something into your mouth then back into your lungs. And its all of this together that makes quitting smoking so hard. Continue reading “Stoptober – Can You Do It?”

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Stoptober – Why Smoke When You Can Vape!

Its that time of year again, darker nights, chilly mornings and all the ads pointing towards ‘Stoptober’ and that means, loads of smokers wanting to quit but knowing another failed attempt may be just around the corner with patches and gum!

This Stoptober the government are finally sending the correct message to smokers, e-cigs can be a valuable tool in the battle to quit smoking. They’ve even added e-cigs into their TV advert!

This Stoptober is a great time to quit smoking, PHE (Public Health England) say that vaping is 95% safer than smoking! So get yourself an e-cig and give it a go.

If you’re worried about what kind of e-cig to get, what strength liquid to use, or you just need some hands on quitting support, then why not join our vaping forum. We have a handful of experienced vapers that have all quit traditional tobacco cigarettes by using e-cigarettes.

Our friendly members can help with all aspects of vaping, and all problems big or small. So come and join us at Ceekays Vape Shack, and let this Stoptober be the victorious one for you 🙂

You can find more info on Stoptober at the ‘Stoptober website’

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