Vaptio Solo F2 Review

Wotcha folks! I had the Vaptio Solo F2 arrive from the lovely folks over at Eco Vapes, along with a couple of bottles of Psycho Bunny eliquid which…. sorry, the Kosh cake, the cake is yummy, the other flavour in there not so much! The second bottle, nope… way too perfumey for me! But a huge thanks for the gesture  :thumbup: If anyone fancies giving Psycho Bunny liquids a try, then do! They really are full of flavour!

So onto the Solo F2

Vaptio Solo F2 Specs:

Dimensions: 22 * 127.5mm
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh
Output Wattage: 50W
Resistance Range: 0.2~3.0ohm
Output Voltage: 4.2V

In The Box

1 * SOLO F2
2 * FROGMAN-X2 0.25Ω NiCr
1 * User Manual
1 * USB Cable
1 * Glass Tube

Initial Thoughts on the Solo F2

Opening the box I was greeted by a nice carbon fibre design, tube type mod. The carbon looks really glossy and has a nice smooth feel to it, so Im assuming it has some kind of lacquer finish to it. It’s classed at grey, but it has a lovely silver shimmer.

Unfortunately due to our EU laws it has a small 2ml tank, this is joined onto the battery as the Solo F2 in an all-in-one kit.
And for an AIO pen style mod its a nice size, fits comfortably into the hand, not too big, and not too much weight to it.

It does look very stylish and classy but without being super huge and in your face like most box mods out there. Continue reading “Vaptio Solo F2 Review”

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Vaptio Spin It Review

Todays review is a little pod type kit from the guys over at Vaptio – The Spin It, weird name but it does kind of speak for itself!  :yes:

Vaptio Spin It Specs:

Dimensions: 22 x 18 x 133mm
Battery Capacity: Built-in 650mAh
Output Power: 10-15W
Juice Capacity: 1.8ml
Coil Resistance: 1.0ohm
Material: Anodic Oxidized Aluminium Ally
Charging: 5V

In The Box
1x Spin It Battery
2x Spin It Tank (one pre-installed)
1x Drip Tip
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual

Initial Thoughts.

The more pod systems that become available (and believe me there are loads) The more I tend to look straight past them at something else, this little thing did catch my attention though due to its revolutionary spin style tank and mouthpiece (no more pocket fluff in the old drip tip!) I have the red one, lovely colour! It comes well packaged like all of Vaptio’s products. Removing it from the box I find it’s light, and very easy to hold. Its a long tube style device (I’ve always liked tube mods) and it does just feel very natural in the hand. Continue reading “Vaptio Spin It Review”

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The Vaptio Super Bat Kit – Hero or Villain?

A massive thanks to Jason over at Vaptio for sending the Super Bat kit out for me to get the feel of! I’ve been quietly looking forward to this one  :yes: I’ve been testing this for around a week now, and these are my thoughts.

Super Bat Specs

Size: 85.5x46x30mm
Output: 1-220W
Display: TFT 1.3in colour screen
Batteries: 2×18650 not included
Firmware upgradeable
Various languages
Fast recharge – 5V/2A
Leak proof 510 collar
Temperature control range: 100-315°C
Modes: Variable Wattage, Temperature Control, Smart Mode and CCW/CCT  curve modes
LED bat eyes – 6 colour and 3 light options

In The Box

Vaptio Super Bat Mod
Vaptio Frogman Tank (kit version only)
USB Cable
User manual

First impressions

When I opened the box, I was quite surprised at how shiny the Super Bat mod actually is. I have the red and silver version, the red is a matte finish, with the silver being glossy and smooth. It looks really great, a real fun looking mod. It has Batman shaped head on the front with light up eyes! (and we all know how much I like LED’s  :yes:) I love the look this, it’s a bit of fun and makes the mod look really great. The two side panels are silver, one is a full panel button, like you get on some of the smok mods.


The back of the mod has what I can only assume is the back of Batman‘s head  :dunno: and maybe his wings? This incorporates six LEDs that you can set to flash, pulse, solid colour, there seem to be plenty of options. Or if you don’t like your mod looking like Blackpool illuminations you can switch the LEDs off completely   :wink2:

The mod is quite heavy even without a couple of batteries installed, but it does have a real good quality feel to it.
Continue reading “The Vaptio Super Bat Kit – Hero or Villain?”

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Vaptio Solo Flat – Review


So a huge thanks to Vaptio for sending out the latest couple of kits. The Solo Flat pod device, and The Super Bat Kit (which I shall hopefully be reviewing next week) So for now lets take a look at the…

Solo Flat specs. 

Size: 128×20.3×13.8mm
Battery capacity: 650mAh internal battery
Output power: 15W
Coil resistance: 1ohm
Capacity: 1.5ml
Less than 2 hours to charge
LED Indicator
Top fill
Automatic fire

In The Box

Vaptio Solo-Flat Pod Mod
Solo-Flat drip tip
2x Solo-Flat pod
User manual
USB Cable


Initial Thoughts

So the Solo Flat is another pod style starter device, and by pod style I mean the atomiser is actually built in to the tank. So you relplace that whole section, not just the atomizer. Its sleek looking, tapered at the mouthpiece, and this mouthpiece is actually very comfy and natural feeling  :yes:

There is a tank level window on the side, so you can see how much liquid you have left, or that’s what should happen in theory. I use clear liquid and to be honest have to squint and even shine a light on the window to see anything at all. Continue reading “Vaptio Solo Flat – Review”

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Vaptio Solo 2 Kit – Review

Yes I did go out in the snow to get that pic! Crazy?…. Little bit!  :ting:
The Vaptio Solo 2 was sent to me by Jason, so I can give it the once over and see what I think – Huge thanks to Jason.

Solo 2 Specs

2ml – 4ml Tank Capacity
3000mAh Battery
>0.15ohm Resistance Range
30W/40W/50W Output
10 Second Safety Cut-off

Solo 2 – In The Box

1 x Solo 2 Device
2 x 0.25 Kanthal Coils
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

First Thoughts, Looks & Feel

First thoughts on opening the box, love the colour!! These rainbow colours really are very pretty. It’s quite a chunky tube (pen type) mod, with Vaptio – Solo 2 printed onto the bottom of the battery and next to the button you have the setting options, with colour and power setting. This is meh! Maybe this could have been made on a little plastic sticker that you could remove if you didn’t want an instruction set on the side of your mod! However… it is handy to have the options there to see. Saves getting the manual out I suppose! Continue reading “Vaptio Solo 2 Kit – Review”

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Vaptio P-III Review – Red or Dead?

Do you like my arty pic? I never understood why people get knee deep in the sea, or roll around in the grass to get a good pic! But when I popped up the garden to let the goose out of her pen for the morning, I saw the old apple tree stump and now…. I get it!  :ting:

Anyhow…The P-III 100w is one of the latest creations by Vaptio, and I have to say I think they got an awful lot right with this mod! Details as we go on, but for now…

P-III specs

3000mAh battery (built in)
Outputs: VW/VT-Ti/Vt-Ni/VT-SS
Resistance range: 0.1 ohm – 3.0 ohm
Power levels: 30/40/50/60/70/80/90/100 watts
Temperature levels: 250/300/350/400/450/500/550/600 (Fahrenheit)

Whats in the Box

1 x SAIL P-I TF Tank
2 x coils (SS316 0.15 ohm)
2 x user manual
USB charger

Look & Feel

So when I first opened the box my initial thoughts were ‘I really like this’! The SOAR P-III (the mod) colour is just beautiful, it has like a matte red finish, and its the same shape as the ‘Fusion’ which I really love. It’s small and extremely comfy to hold. This little thing has tugged at my heart strings before I even start vaping with it! Continue reading “Vaptio P-III Review – Red or Dead?”

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The Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit – Review

Vaptio sent me two of these kits, thanks very much to the folks over at One for review and the other one is of course up for grabs over on the Competition board.


Tank size: 23.5*54.9mm
E-liquid capacity: 2.0ml
Mod size: 73*50*28.5mm
Screen: 1.3 inch color screen
Wattage: 7-80w
Resistance range: 0.05-2.0 ohm
Battery form factor: 18650

In The Box

1* Throne tank
1* Iron Spider mod
1* User manual
1* USB cable
1* Throne D1 coil, 0.25ohm
1* Throne D2 coil, 1.2ohm

First Thoughts – Look & Feel

My first thoughts on opening the box were, I love the tank, but definitely don’t like the web design on the mod. However… the shape and feel of the mod in my hand is lovely!
Continue reading “The Vaptio Wall Crawler Kit – Review”

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Vaptio Turbo RDTA-L Tank Review

This tank was sent to me by vaptio so I could give it the once over and let you guys know what I think.

Here are the specs:

Dimensions: 25 x 60mm
25mm Diameter
5.0ml E-liquid Capacity
Interchangeable between RDTA and RDA
Adjustable Top Airflow Control
Patented Shiled-Tech Anti-Spitting
Side Filling
Superior Stainless Steel Construction
High Grade Pyrex Glass Reinforcement

In The Box

1 x Vaptio Turbo RDTA-L Tank
4 x 0.5ohm Clapton Coil
1 x Hexagon Screwdriver
7 x Spare O-Rings
1 x Replacement Drip Tip
1 x Replacement Glass Tube
1 x RDA Base
4 x Screws


First Thoughts – Looks & Feel.

My initial thoughts when I removed this from the box was “I’ve seen something like this before!” After a bit of searching around it clicked, The IJOY Combo, very similar in looks. Continue reading “Vaptio Turbo RDTA-L Tank Review”

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Wall Crawler Kit Competition!

Hi guys n gals, those fabulous folks over at have sent me out a couple of Wall crawler kits! A massive Thank you Jason  :thumbs: Now I’m keeping one to review, but thought it would be a  fantastic idea to give one away on the forum! You can check them out here on

I’ve been using mine for a couple of days, and have to say it’s a pretty nice kit with some really good features!  :ting:

All you need to do is post in this thread over on the forum. You can post as many times as you like, but you need to mention a super hero! Either a movie, or series, book… whatever. You can also keep the conversation flowing about any one or more superheroes (the wall crawler kinda reminds me of Spiderman, so we’ll keep the superhero theme) While you can post as many times as you wish, you must leave a post by someone else in-between yours. So member 1, member 2, member 1, member 4, member 1….. hope you get what I mean…..

To see more, and take part in this fantastic competition, all you need to do is pop along to our forum, register, make sure you agree to the competition rules… and get posting!! It really is that simple!

You can find the Wall Crawler Competition here!

Good Luck! :thumbs:

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Vaptio C-II Starter Kit Review

Image courtesy of

This was sent to me by the lovely Jason over at Vaptio, thanks very much Jason  :smile:

It’s been a while since I’ve used a tube type devise, used to love them a few years ago, but I kind of got used to using box mods, so I did wonder how I would get on with this…. anyhow, lets start off with specs.

Basic Specs:

Battery Capacity:3000mAh
Battery Type:Build-in
Wattage Range:30~100W
Max Output Current:25A
Max Output Voltage:4.2V
Resistance Range:0.25Ω for Kanthal
Charging Interface:Micro-USB
Passthrough: NO
Product Size (L*W*H):141×Φ25

Atomizer Basic Spec

Resistance Range:0.15Ω~0.25Ω
E-liquid capacity:2.0ml

First Thoughts – Look & Feel

Opening the box I was greeted by the mod, nestled in the normal pretty high quality packaging that Vaptio use. The box contains the C-II mod, a couple of attys both 0.25ohms, a charging lead and of course an instruction manual that leaves practically everything to the imagination! The mod is rather chunky looking. Black in Colour, but its like a rubberised finish which feels really nice to hold. It feels quite weighty which of course does give it that air of quality that some devices never seem to manage.

Continue reading “Vaptio C-II Starter Kit Review”

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