A Dozen Celebrity Vapers

More and more celebs seem to be taking up vaping, and why not, it has to be better than the dreaded tobacco!

The most famous of all has to be 57 year old Simon Cowell. He has taken to e-cigarettes to help him kick his smoking habit (maybe cos he’s a Daddy now?) He has reportedly been seen vaping on the Red Carpet!  Thats a ‘big’un’ Simon!

Robert Pattinson, star of the Twilight Saga has been spotted vaping to help him quit smoking.

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The Future of DIY E-liquid – Nicotine Shots

A question came up on the forum today and the topic was ‘nicotine shots’. Going back to May of this year, the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) kicked in here in the UK, noticeably restricting tank size to a 2ml upper limit, and nicotine strength to a 20mg (2.0%) higher limit.

For people that have been vaping for a while, and those who were aware that these new regulations were going to be imposed, this is not so much a problem… for now. As they will have hoards of higher ml tanks, and stashes of high mg nicotine. But what happens to those that had never heard of the TPD and the new regs, or to new vapers? Or even to us that have extensive stores of high mg nicotine base that will unfortunately one day run out! 😮 Continue reading “The Future of DIY E-liquid – Nicotine Shots”

DL or MTL – WTF!?

One of the worst parts of being a new vaper is learning all of the new technical vape jargon. You don’t know your watts from your ohms, or your wick from your coil! I mean really, why does it have to be so complicated! So when someone asks “Do you DL or MTL” furious head scratching can follow.

In simple terms, DL = Direct lung, MTL = Mouth to lung, and these are type of inhaling. Its the way you draw on your ecig, vaporizer, tank or however you refer to your vaping device. So whats the difference?

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Vaping – How Much Is Too Much?

So you’re sitting watching a movie at night, vaping away on your favourite flavour and suddenly you realise that the whole tank full of liquid is gone. This is a familiar practice for me, and now I don’t even worry about it. Don’t get me wrong, when I first started vaping (using a tornado tank that held around 1ml of liquid) I limited myself to vaping 2 tanks full a day. Then tanks got bigger, along came variable voltage so power got higher, and suddenly I was lucky if 2ml lasted a half a day. Today I can easily get through 12ml of liquid a day … sometimes more, but I don’t really count any more. With several devices on the go, and mixing my own e-liquid for cheapness the last thing I’m doing is keeping tabs on how much I’m using.

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Is Vaping Safe?

It’s a question that crosses many smokers and vapers minds at some stage or other. Before I took up vaping there wasn’t huge amounts of info, and not many clinical studies had been under taken. And to be fair, I didn’t want to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. As a smoker I think we tend to kid ourselves that smoking really isn’t that bad, and that cancer and respiratory illness is something can never happen to us… I don’t intend to rabbit on about just how bad smoking is, deep down we all know!
So is vaping a safe alternative?

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Is there ever a right time to quit smoking?

This is the question where every smoker will make up an excuse for the answer! No no, I’m not being mean, its just that… I know, cos I made up a thousand excuses over the years. ‘I can’t quit now I’m in a really stressful time in my life!’ ‘I have a big party at the weekend and everyone else will be smoking’ ‘I tried before and it just won’t work’ Or the best excuse ever… ‘But I enjoy smoking, I really don’t want to quit!’…. really?? You enjoy breathing toxic crap into your lungs? Continue reading “Is there ever a right time to quit smoking?”

So You Wanna Be a Vaper?

We don’t start out knowing that we want to vape, we start out wanting to ditch the tobacco. Whether its due to funds (lets face it, its not cheap to smoke!) Or whether you no longer want your clothes and hair to smell of stale smoke. Whether you want to be around longer for your kids, or grandkids… the feeling just hits you. You wake up one morning and you just know that you no longer want to smoke.

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Hello Vape World!

So… just over 6 years I’ve been vaping, a vaping veteran or so it would seem, but a rather tame one at that. I have done the rounds, the rebuildables, the mech mods… never managed to become an experienced vape ring blower though, just can’t seem to manage it!

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