HellVape & Suck My Mod – Passage RDA Review

Giving a huge thanks and shout-out to Ave40.com for sending out the Hellvape & Suck My Mod ‘Passage’ RDA. Strange name for an RDA you’re thinking! It is, but it’s due to the airflow configuration on this RDA, yes it has ‘holes’ but those holes are divided up and grouped into 3 slots – passages. It’s kinda weird…. but it works!

Hellvape Passage Specs:

Diameter: 24mm
Coil Type: dual Coils
Drip Tip: 810 Drip Tip
Thread: 510
Color: Blue, Purple, Matte Black, Full Black, 7-color, Gunmetal, SS, Black, Gold

In The Box

1 x 24mm Passage RDA
1 x Spare 810 DT
1 x 510 Adapter
1 x BF pin
1 x Accessory Bag
1 x Passage Sticker
1 x User Manual

Hellvape Passage Initial Impressions

The Hellvape Passage comes nicely presented in a very ‘orange’ box! I got the matte black RDA which is kinda ‘me’h’ but it does match a couple of black mods that I have. It’s a 24mm RDA however the barrel is designed at 24mm at the bottom and then it goes to around 26mm in the middle and back down to 24 mm at the top… it’s different to the straight barrels you get on most mods.

It has a red ‘Anti bacterial’ (Ag+) low profile mouthpiece, which is a great idea but I think it may be a bit of a novelty as I’m not intending to let any strangers ‘Suck my Mod’! 


And if I did then I would still be wiping the mouthpiece down afterwards anyway 


It has the Passage logo on the side, which is 3 arrows in a circle and a large ‘P’ inside, and on the base you get the Hellvape logo, Suck My Mod, and of course the name Passage.

We’ll get into the airflow a little later…It’s not the best looking RDA I’ve ever seen, but it’s also not the worst.

Hellvape & Suck My Mod Passage RDA Features

Top Cap – So the Passage can be separated into 3 sections (or 4 if you count the mouthpiece) top cap, barrel and base. The top cap is a nice chunky piece of work. It’s conical shaped inside and this should help with flavour. The top cap  houses the air flow holes in the channels (or passages) 5 on the outer 2 passages, and 6 on the middle. Now these air flow holes sit way down below the air flow slot on the actual barrel, and the air flows though them and up the passages to the slot at the top. Clever idea! It’s this top cap that you will twist to open and close the airflow. The Passage top cap is knurled around the top section and it does really help with gripping and twisting.

The Barrel – So the barrel section of the Hellvape Passage seems kind of flimsy compared to the rest of the RDA. It just feels like the metal is very thin, thought I can’t squish it if I squeeze it so it must be pretty strong. It has a kind of notch locking mechanism around the base which helps to line up the air flow directly on the coil, and also catches to help when removing the RDA from your mod if you’ve over tightened it a little. If you remove the barrel, when your popping it back on, push down and then twist and you will feel that barrel lock into place.

The Base – The base of the Passage RDA has 2 posts, these have screws at the top and a clamp in each one that will clamp your coils into position. The downside to this for me, is that both coils fit into the same post, one from each side. The juice well is nice deep, and you will fit plenty of liquid in there whether you’re squonking or dripping.

Hellvape Passage RDA – Coiling and Wicking

I want to point out first that you don’t get any wick or coils with the Passage RDA (I guess WOTOFO has spoiled us all!) So you will need to make your own coils, or buy some.

Coiling – So coiling the Passage isn’t as easy as I would have liked it to be. Now since actually coiling my RDA I have watched a video or two to see how others got on, and there seems to be a couple of ways of doing it.

My way was to pop both coil legs under each clamp, straighten them up and try and get the legs shoved through properly, then tighten down the clamps. After making sure the clamps are nice and tight then I have to try and move the coil up or out of the way slightly while I trim the legs from the coil on the other side. This is where I do tend to struggle, and in typical me fashion I did manage to snip one of my coils (luckily it hadn’t done mega damage, and the coil did still work) For me this is way too finicky! I like simple, and this type of deck for me, just isn’t simple enough. I don’t like my coils to share posts. Once you have snipped the legs from each coil, you can straighten them out and get them positioned how you want them to be.

The other way I have seen someone coil the Passage RDA is to pop one leg under the clamp, and the leg from the other coil over the top of the clamp and just under the screw. I really don’t know if this would be easier or not as you still can’t tighten down the clamp on just one leg… so personal preference I guess.

My coils ended up quite messy, but I really couldn’t be bothered to do anything else to try and tidy them up 


Wicking – Of course wicking the Passage RDA is super simple. Just pass the wick through the coil, leaving a fair amount of cotton either side, then just push it down into the juice well.

How does the HellVape Passage perform?

I made 2 x 8 wrap clapton coils which, when fitted measured around 0.38 ohms, vaping these at around 60w and the whole vape experience is just a really nice, smooth vape experience. The flavour is actually really good (using some Jax Custard, Fudge flavour) and of course its sub-ohm so masses of vapour too.  I could go higher with the power and at one stage I actually did, but the top cap gets extremely hot, and I just hated touching it with my lips. So if you’re going higher with the wattage you may want to move away from the low profile mouthpiece and pop something a little higher on there.

The airflow works really well, but it’s not quite as airy as I actually thought it would be, even with the airflow wide open it still feels a little bit on the restricted side. Now if you want a tighter airflow you can close those passages down one by one (or inbetween) until you get the airflow just how you want it, and it does tighten right down!

Something else that surprised me is that the airflow is fairly quiet! I was expecting whistles or whooshes… I mean of course you can hear it, but it isn’t overly noisy, so that’s actually a massive bonus as I’ve sold certain RDA’s due to the super annoying noise that they make.

Final Thoughts on the Hellvape & Suck My Mod ‘Passage’ RDA

Bearing in mind that I have only used it in dripper mode (so check out some other reviews if you want to know how it is in squonk mode) I like it!

When you’re dripping you can get a hell of a lot of liquid in there… the downside of course is if you hold it slightly sideways the juice does come out of the airflow holes and up those passages and then down your shirt! (Yeah I know don’t hold it sideways)… so it looks like you need to make sure that those airflow passages are always at the sides while your vaping, not at the top and bottom. Or just don’t tip your mod so far 


Is that a negative? Not really…  just something to be aware of.

One more thing, also not a negative but worth pointing out. If you’re a bit of a chain vaper, don’t vape at super high wattages, as this RDA is going to get extremely hot. So either knock the power down a bit or, pop a higher mouthpiece on.

There are no other real ‘niggles’. The Hellvape Passage looks decent, and it vapes really well.

I wouldn’t say that the Passage is suitable for newer RDA vapers, simply for the fact I struggled to get those coils in properly. However if you’re more experienced with RDA’s… I think you folks are gonna love it… as long as you don’t want something super airy! If that’s what you prefer, then maybe take a look for something else.

Will the Hellvape Passage be retired to the shelf? – Well, I don’t use RDA’s daily anyway (apart from one – The Profile, and I haven’t found anything to replace that yet) So yeah, it will sit on the shelf, but it will be coiled up and ready to vape if I fancy a little RDA action!

Ceekays Shack Score

There are no massive negatives to the Hellvape Passage RDA that I can find, yes it has those couple of niggles, but I honestly don’t see any point in minusing marks from the overall score for them, as they really are just down to common sense. So the Hellvape & Suck My Mod ‘Passage’ RDA gets a well deserved 5/5 from me


If this RDA sounds like it could be for you, then pop over to our sponsors site Ave40 and check out the Hellvape Passage RDA at $35.99, and it comes in a massive array of colours as well. 

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