Smok Novo Pod System – Is It Just ‘Another’ Pod?

It’s no secret that I hate Pod systems, hate with a pure driven passion. Probably because they don’t do anything for me, and I find them hard work, hard to draw on, especially if they’re an auto battery.

So when the Smok Novo Pod system turned up at my door, courtesy of it was kind of a ‘M’eh’ moment!

I intend to do a quick review, my thoughts and then this pod can go back in it’s box….  :roll:

Smok Novo Specs:

Size: 88.3×24.3×14.3mm
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
Power Range: 10W-16W
Standby Current: <200uA
Capacity: 2ml

In The Box:

1×NOVO Mod
2×Pod(No e-liquid)
1×USB Cable
1×User Manual

The Smok Novo Pod

Opening the box and… well the Smok Novo is ok to look at, I’ve seen worse. I have the blue one with a kind of silver snakeskin type pattern on it. There’s the Smok logo on one side, and the Novo logo on the other. The edge all around the pod is metal. It doesn’t look bad if I’m honest. One side has a small light in the centre, and this lights up as you vape.


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SMOK ProColor TC 225W Review

I know its another SMOK review, but I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now and have to say I really like it.
Its a cheeky chappie of a mod, loads of cool features (if you like quirky and LED lights) and I just can’t help but keep picking it up and using it.

Ok I bought the kit, so the mod and a baby beast tank (which I also love  :yes: )

Size and Shape

First off, its a chunky mod, and heavy too (by my standards anyway) but then I guess most dual battery mods are fairly heavy. This would be my limit weight wise. So its around the same size as the Alien, probably a little bit bigger. The Alien is actually a little more comfy to hold, but I think this may be due to the LED lighting on the procolor which is raised slightly and kind of… I was going to say irritating, but not so much irritating as noticeable.

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Smok Alien

After finally getting the colour mix up sorted and taking delivery of a rainbow alien, I just wanted to note down my thoughts.

I know I’m a bit late in owning one of these, they have been reviewed to death, but this is just my perspective of a few things.

The shape and design is fairly good, its quite heavy once the batteries are installed and it feels a good solid mod. It is quite comfy to hold with the curved corners (slightly more curved than the Ijoy Captain which makes it just that little more comfy to hold, not quite so ‘oblong’)

The side panel button, well its not too bad I guess. I’m not overly keen on side panel buttons/switches but this is probably one of the better ones that Ive used. It feels more solid than the Sinuous and Predator buttons, to me they have a plasticky feel and sound to them. The Alien panel just feels and sounds smoother. Continue reading “Smok Alien”

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