The Vaptio C-Flat – Review

I received this from the lovely Jason over at Vaptio for the purpose of a review, so thanks very much Jason  :smile:
The C-Flat comes well boxed, with a charging cable, spare pod (with atty) and instruction manual.

C-Flat Specs

  • All-in-one style
  • 350mAh battery
  • 15 Watts max output
  • Passthrough enabled
  • Supports 5v quick charging <1.5hours
  • Multipe safeguard protections

First impressions

Well…. I wasn’t sure whether to vape it, or take the cap off and pee on it!  :oooo: Come on ladies… you know what I mean. Its very similar in shape, style and design to a pregnancy test! Pull that out of your handbag during your lunch break and you’re going to get some seriously shocked looks from your co-workers and maybe a heart attack out of your boss!  :laughtears:

Ok, I know, joking aside, it actually is a very comfy little device to hold. Its an all-in-one type of device, meaning that its whole unit and can’t be slpit down into battery/tank sections. I have the white and gold one, and the white is that lovely pearly white, almost like its really trying to shimmer when you hold it in the light. And the gold gives it quite a classy look. Continue reading “The Vaptio C-Flat – Review”

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Asmodus – Laisimo Snow Wolf 90w Review

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out whether this mod is Asmodus or Laisimo or a collaboration of both, it seems however that Laisimo manufacture the Snow Wolf and Asmodus distribute it (with the odd argument here and there between the two companies, which I really am not going to get in to, or comment on  :xx: ) So for the purpose of this review I’m just going to say Asmodus/Laisimo Snow Wolf!

Apparently the  Snow Wolf has been discontinued, or is being discontinued, so if you do you see one, and you like the look of it, then get it, because this quickly became one of my absolute favourite small mods, and it looks like it won’t be around for very much longer. Continue reading “Asmodus – Laisimo Snow Wolf 90w Review”

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Asmodus Minikin V2 – Finally Reviewed!

I thought it was a bout time I finally got round to reviewing the Asmodus minikin V2, I purchased this quite a while ago now from grey haze. I actually bought this during my craving for a touch screen mod phase, and it did satisfy it to the extent that it’s the only touch screen mod I have! (take that as you will!)

Mine is the red one, a gorgeous deep red colour and the finish on the paintwork is flawless. It also seems to be a pretty hard finish to the paint, as I don’t have a chip or scratch on this mod, which is actually extremely unusual for me! Continue reading “Asmodus Minikin V2 – Finally Reviewed!”

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